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About the Hydro Speed Regulator

As we all know, make the various friction and other barriers to free vibration attenuation effect, we call it a damping (Hydro Speed Regulator). And placed on the structure system of "special" component can provide motion resistance, energy depletion movement device, we called the damper..Hydraulic damper is a kind of vibration control device for speed responsive;

The role of the the Hydro Speed Regulator

In gravity shelves storage, because the goods affected by gravity, tilt in the warehouse do accelerated motion in the way, if the term of freedom of movement, hit the shelves of goods, may cause damage to the goods, the operating personnel security hidden danger and shelves of the whole structure of the damage. The damper(Hydro Speed Regulator) plays a very important role.
The development of Hydro Speed Regulator

Using damping shock is not new to energy absorption technology, in the aerospace, military industry, guns, automobile and other industries in the application of all kinds of damper for vibration energy dissipation. Since the 1970 s, people began to gradually put the damping technology to adopt to projects such as buildings, Bridges, railways, its development is very quickly. By the end of the 20th century, the world nearly 100 multiple structural engineering to use the damper to can shock absorption.

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