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Multi-axis machine product introduction:

Multi-axis device (multi - spindle tool), commonly known as porous drill, multi-axis drilling machine, multi-axis machine tools or multiple spindle head, is a new kind of machining equipment. It is mounted on the drilling, tapping machine cutter head, and is more than two shaft processing drilling or tapping parts at the same time, therefore calls multi-axis device. A typical Multi-Spindle Heads fitted with an ordinary drilling machine can blow a few or even a decade or two hole or thread processing. As with gas (liquid) pressure device, can be automatically fast forward, fast working (work out), back, and stop. Multi-Spindle Heads general model can be 2 to 16 holes at the same time, greatly improving efficiency, several fixed models shaft informality, drill shaft type, the size can be designed according to customer needs processing. Multi-Spindle Heads(multi-axis machine tool/multi-spindle head/multi-axis drilling, drill) series of gear box with body structure of gimbal head, easy to adjust the pitch gear limited by processing, save time to adjust, also less dead space restrictions, suitable for processing close to the hole of the workpiece circular distribution. The output shaft, universal joint, gear, bearing, adopt powerful series, is suitable for machining steel power occasion. For universal joint head of the life, mobile range shall not exceed 15 degrees, is equal to the vertical within about 30 mm before and after it

Multi-axis machine application

Multi-Spindle Heads is widely used in the porous parts of drilling and tapping processing machinery industry. Porous parts such as automobile, motorcycle, engine body shell, aluminum castings, the wheel hub, brake drum, brake disc, steering gear, differential shell, shaft head, half shaft, axle, pump, valve, hydraulic components, solar accessories, and so on. Porous drill within the scope of the processing, the distance between the number of the spindle, spindle, can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time. In its hydraulic machine tool work, can be automatically fast forward, fast working (work out), back, stop, compared with single shaft drill (tapping), workpiece machining accuracy high, fast efficiency, can effectively save investment of manpower, material and financial resources. Especially machine tool automation greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators. Besides using conventional products, can also according to customer special requirements for special design.

Multi-axis machine working principle:

To speed requirement is not high, can use the install of the same size of each shaft pulley driven with a triangle; For synchronous speed requirements, use gear drive. Load is small, can be used with synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel.


Multi-axis machine at present the market category has the following several kinds:

1. ST type multi-axis machine: this type multi-axis machine only for the two hole processing at the same time, the spacing can be adjusted freely. Small in size
2. SA type multi-axis machine: is suitable for a garden on the uniform distribution of 3 processing or tapping hole or 4 hole processing, distance is adjustable, but because of adopt gear adjustment, adjust the relative difficulty, suitable for simple processing.
3. Type SU multi-axis machine: adopt universal joint adjust the spacing between holes and hole processing, can be processed at the same time dozens of hole, universal joint adjustment is very convenient and the price is a bit expensive. And there are round and square, according to the specific distribution of holes on a workpiece position selection, generally more expensive than square circle.
4. SD type multi-axis machine: adopt clamping drill bit, drill chuck way some kind of two types at present, only two axis, four axis for the market to choose from. Main advantage is holding large range, and not as flexible or ER collet C type collet clamping range small, change a bit diameter need to replace chuck.

Above several can be designed into a fixed position according to customer's drawings of multi-axis, corresponding with FT type is suitable for linear processing, FA or FB model suitable for porous processing position. U multi-axis device can also according to user requirements, according to the customer provide the drawing of layout shaft directly. Stationary multi-axis device can also according to customer demand design guide plate (generally refers to domestic jig), tooling. Fixed axis more than adjustable multi-axis machining accuracy high, long service life. Mass production processing are generally fixed multi-axis device.

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