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  • The difference between adjustable and fixed multiple spindle heads

       Multiple Spindle Products can be divided into the following categories:Metalworking Style Heads with Precision Collet Style Spindles. Our Collet Style Heads use standard ER type collets for high precision, reasonable cost and availability. Metalworking Multiple Spindle Heads are available in these configurations:Adjustable Spindles Adjustable MultiSpindle Heads are suitable for equally spaced hole patterns only. They are best suited for low volume work where the requirements change from time to time. They may be adapted to almost any machine. Jump to our Selection of Adjustable Multiple Spin...


    Tags:  Fixed multiple spindle heads Adjustable multiple spindle heads Drilling multiple spindle heads Reaming multiple spindle heads Tapping multiple spindle heads 

  • What are the precautions for choosing a servo tapping head?

       The servo tapping head is a high precision model specially designed for threading. AC servo motor is used to control the spindle speed and synchronous feed, and the zero time shift and commutation are realized, thus shortening the processing time and improving the processing efficiency of the equipment. More with the second origin function, can effectively improve the processing efficiency. But also the use of highperformance CNC system, can effectively ensure highprecision thread processing. With the development of industry, high efficiency, high precision, highperformance processing equipmen...


    Tags:  Servo tapping head High efficiency servo tapping head High-performance servo tapping head Servo tapping machine 

  • China's robotics industry is developing rapidly

       China from the 1970s began to develop the robot, after 40 years of development, the main robot products have achieved production, industrial robot manufacturers are beginning to take shape. According to the Chinese Robot Industry Association statistics, in 2014, China's industrial robot sales amounted to 56,000 units in 2013 had surpassed Japan to become the world's largest producer of robots. From the application type of view, in 2013, handling robots become the largest domestic sales of robots, came in second place is the welding robot, equipped with robots also show rapid developmen...


    Tags:  robot products  robotics industry  industrial robots 

  • International oil prices fell on the 11th

       Investors worried about an oversupply of crude oil market, international oil prices fell sharply on the 11th.As of the date of closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange, December 2015 delivery of light sweet crude fell $ 1.28 to settle at $ 42.93 a barrel, down 2.9%. December 2015 delivery of London Brent crude oil futures fell $ 1.63 to settle at $ 45.81 a barrel, down 3.44%.The US Energy Information Administration will be released on the 12th of crude oil last week data, US commercial crude oil inventories will continue to increase market expectations last week. The previous week, the US com...


    Tags:  international oil prices fell 

  • Michelin will close a number of tire factory

       Recently, the world famous tire manufacturers Michelin announced, the company will reduce in Europe and India two market.It is understood, Michelin will start European restructuring plan, prepared in the UK, Germany and Italy the closure of a factory, a move that would make the bear 2.8 billion euros ($3.08 billion) writedowns project; at the same time, Michelin will cancel the construction in India of earthmover tire factory plan, will make it bears writedowns spending 75 million euros.Tire world network was informed that, due to the impact of the financial crisis, European market for tire de...



  • Clean energy marriage Internet is the trend

             Clean energy marriage of the Internet is the trend, the world's traditional energy, new energy use will usher in new opportunities.Global energy Internet will promote the transformation of energy development, so that the energy development to get rid of the resources, time and space constraints, to achieve clean energy efficient development, utilization, promote hydropower, wind, solar and other clean energy has become the dominant energy, let everyone enjoy adequate energy supply, for the economic and social development has continued strong power.Build global energy I...


    Tags:  clean energy marriage Internet is the trend  clean energy 

  • Russians start shooting comprehensive inspection operations, involving nearly 300 military units

       According to the Russian satellite network news, News and Information Administration, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said that the Russian military will begin a largescale comprehensive examination today, involving about 300 Russian national corps and military units.The first phase of examination from October 5 to October 16 continue the second phase will take place in late October.The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said: "From Kaliningrad to all officers and men of the Kuril Islands will undergo a comprehensive inspection operations, technology, shooting and other training.Ab...



  • Domestic industrial robot manufacturers competitive advantage: integrated layout

            Industrial robot based on ontology is motion control of an integrated, robots are secondary integrated production line. Integration of the layout of the domestic industrial robot manufacturers more competitive advantage. From the perspective of product standardization, standardization of motion control system components, high levels of industrial robot ontology.Motion control system is mainly composed of motion controller, actuator, such as servo system and transmission mechanism (toothed belt or reducer), such as robot technology is based on motion control. Motion control ...


    Tags:  industrial robot  industrial robot manufacturers 

  • The necessity of the automated packaging machinery industry

       Packaging Automation has become an inevitable trend, but now the Packaging Automation can only be said to be relative, to achieve true automation, the road is still very long, you will encounter a series of problems. From Packaging Automation's definition, it is the use of automated means for controlling and managing the packaging process to occur automatically in accordance with a predetermined program. In the whole process of social circulation, the packaging can play protection, landscaping, publicity, marketing the product's features and improve the competitiveness of commodities.I...


    Tags:  packaging automation  industrial production  packaging machinery 

  • Jack Bauer was implanted DNA nanobots, used for medical science experiment

       Can cause most of the girls screaming creatures in the world is what? Yes that's a cockroach. But you can't dismiss the disgusting bugs, but they have great scientific value. Human once out of the half mechanical transformation of the cockroach, also used a cockroach power, even produced the bigger cockroach species. The nano biological implanted with computer experiments, the researchers also used the cockroaches do experiments ( Why always me? ) , because these insects are excellent test object. So these nanobots cockroach suddenly into the DNA, become crawling robot can bre...


    Tags:  robot cockroach 

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