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International oil prices fell on the 11th

Investors worried about an oversupply of crude oil market, international oil prices fell sharply on the 11th.
As of the date of closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange, December 2015 delivery of light sweet crude fell $ 1.28 to settle at $ 42.93 a barrel, down 2.9%. December 2015 delivery of London Brent crude oil futures fell $ 1.63 to settle at $ 45.81 a barrel, down 3.44%.
The US Energy Information Administration will be released on the 12th of crude oil last week data, US commercial crude oil inventories will continue to increase market expectations last week. The previous week, the US commercial crude oil inventories increased nationwide by 2.8 million barrels to 4.828 billion barrels. US crude oil inventories high oil prices pressure.
OPEC crude oil production accounts for about one-third of the world oil market, OPEC ministerial meeting in Vienna in June after the announcement, the maintenance of 30 million barrels of daily output unchanged. OPEC daily output of crude oil remains high. After oil prices fell sharply, the organization did not cut signs. OPEC members Iran also said the country plans to substantially increase oil production.

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  • Air pressure drilling power head supplier


     Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Is located in the manufacturing industry developed new city of taizhou city, Zhejiang province. The products of the company to undertake foreign OEM processing, and processing. Company set up domestic trade and international trade, the products sell well and are exported to South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries or regions, renowned at home and abpurros.

    The purros production of air pressure has a high precision drilling power head, has played a drilling power hea...


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  • Focus on robotics applications


    The sixteenth international shenzhen machinery industry exhibition will be on the March 30 ~ April 2 in shenzhen conference and exhibition center, China exhibition, the exhibition is one of the influence and the largest in southern China manufacturing large international exhibition. According to introducing, this exhibition will focus on intelligent and displays the application of robot technology, which will hold in electronic manufacturing and 3 c industry in the factories and automatic production line as the theme of intelligent robot technology theme BBS. 



  • The necessity of the automated packaging machinery industry


    Packaging Automation has become an inevitable trend, but now the Packaging Automation can only be said to be relative, to achieve true automation, the road is still very long, you will encounter a series of problems. From Packaging Automation's definition, it is the use of automated means for controlling and managing the packaging process to occur automatically in accordance with a predetermined program. In the whole process of social circulation, the packaging can play protection, landscaping, publicity, marketing the product's features and improve the competitiveness of commodities...


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  • Chinese become the biggest demand of industrial robot




    International Robot Association headquarters is located in Frankfurt of Germany 23 released the latest survey report industry says, 2014 global regions of industrial robot sales demand growth rate in Asia ranked, top the list, with 54% of the growth in China as the largest demand of industrial robot.

    The association said, the Chinese market in 2014 the total sales of industrial robot 56000, in which the local supplier's sales volume is 16000, the other from Switzerla...


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  • Drilling power head suppliers



    Power head also calls the dynamic cutter holder, is installed on the power tool turret, is driven by servo motor. This kind of cutter holder normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used in the driving force of knife tower on the machining center.
    Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The main production and sales of various power head, tapping head, tapping head, pneumatic power head, drilling power head, drilling power head, drilling tapping head, servo tapping machine, tapping machine, hydraulic gear type damper, custom-mad...


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