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  • Automatic Drill,Multi Spindle Heads

What are the precautions for choosing a servo tapping head?

The servo tapping head is a high precision model specially designed for threading. AC servo motor is used to control the spindle speed and synchronous feed, and the zero time shift and commutation are realized, thus shortening the processing time and improving the processing efficiency of the equipment. More with the second origin function, can effectively improve the processing efficiency. But also the use of high-performance CNC system, can effectively ensure high-precision thread processing. With the development of industry, high efficiency, high precision, high-performance processing equipment to become the first choice, servo tapping head is also one of the users of the processing equipment. Below, PURROS machinery to give you share under the purchase of servo tapping head Note:

1, we should first know the need to process the size of the product thread, and then select the size of the thread according to the servo tapping machine, the unit mm

2, the need for processing the product of the thread depth is how much. The unit is mm

3, what is the material of the product, different hardness of the material is not the same choice of servo tapping machine models are not the same

4, the need to process the product is how much the pitch, pitch and imperial system of the points, the algorithm is not the same

5, the need for the speed of how much?

6, silk tapping material is what?

7, servo tapping machine installation direction of vertical, horizontal, universal, the need for the kind of device method

8, servo motor brand, need the kind of brand should also make it clear

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    "Recruitment difficulties" lament still ears, the "Machines replace humans" is now here. Labor costs continue to rise rapidly, while the working-age population began to decline, the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, "machine Substitution" With the market. Deeper background, promotion and application of industrial robots as the representative of intelligent manufacturing technology, to reduce production costs while also significantly increase productivity and achieve higher throughput and improve product quality, help manufacturing transition from low to high upgrade.


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        Drill chuck is blessing straight shank drill, proceed drilling a common fixture, mainly install on drilling machine spindle end, use three can all concentric move of jaw clamping drill bit or other tool holder. Drill can't leave drill chuck, it is an important tool system of connected machine tool spindle and cutter. Because drill chuck quality makes a big difference for final processing result, so it is very important to choose what kind of drill chuck.

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      Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of drilling power head, drilling power head, tapping head, servo tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, bench drill, machinery, hydraulic damper, multi-axis device, power head jig, slide, etc. Products are exported to the Americas. Australia and other countries and regions, favored by users of praise.
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