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Development of electrical-pneumatic automatic feed drilling head(units) 


Abstract:In this paper, the working principles and basic structure of the electrical & pneumatic automatic feed drilling head are introduced, motional analysis and design calculation on drilling head are made in detail.

Importance of Self-Feeding Drilling Heads(units)

With the rapid development of science and technology , the needs of large-scale industrial production, the use of special equipment combined into a modern high-speed lines and multi-functional and efficient combination of machine tools, has become in many industries to ensure accuracy of product processing, reduce production costs, improve labor productivity andone of the key measures of the competitiveness of enterprises.Self-Feeding Drilling Heads is an important driving force of the combined machine tool parts, quality and performance will directly affect the entire machine performance is good or bad.

The main structural features of Self-Feeding Drilling Heads

Self-Feeding Drilling Heads consists of main movement and feed movement and control system of three parts.

(1) Main movement:
Self-Feeding Drilling Heads feed the main movement of the drilling head with three-phase asynchronous motor drive, timing belt and the splined shaft of the motor torque transmission to the spindle, the spindle speed may be to replace the timing beltround. The main power head movement using a motor-driven spindle speed, output power and torque characteristics, can be adapted to multi-axis drilling and larger aperture processing conditions.
 (2) Feed movement:
Pneumatic drive action fast response, adaptability to the environment, simple structure, small size, etc., and can achieve variable speed, long working life, convenient source of power source, power head feed motion using compressed airas a power source. Taking into account the compressibility of air, the poor stability of the power head of the movement when the load changes, the adjustment and control of the Work Speeds using hydraulic governor, the power head of the fast-forward and rewind speed exhaust section flow valve to be adjusted.
(3) Control system:
Self-Feeding Drilling Heads uses compressed air as power source, the feed motion control with a pneumatic control system, by a two the five ventilation control valve, a motorized valve, twomanual valves, a certain throttle and two external control air connection, compact structure, with manual and remote control operation function and in situ, the first signal and reset signal protection function. Drilling Heads fast process and work process by iron block continuously adjustable.
(4) mechanical structural characteristics:
Self-Feeding Drilling Heads is the main movement of a set of power head, feed motion and control devices in one of the drilling head, in order to achieve its compact form, the power head spindle embedded in the cylinder structure, the spindleconcentric with the piston rod, the piston rod is hollow. Which is equipped with imported rolling bearing, in order to improve the accuracy of the rotary spindle, spindle mounted on bearings, timing belt splined motor connected to the cylinder block to the bracket, the piston rod is equipped with a hydraulic governor and stroke adjustment screw collision by adjusting the screw limit switch, reset the power head spindle.

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