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Automatic tapping machine debugging method

  In the operation of automatic tapping machine, we are first to debug machine, how to debug automatic tapping machine, here are some debugging methods, can identify the sources of uncertainty. 
  1, the result of the test automatic tapping machines and calibration measurement uncertainty source identification should begin from the analysis of measurement process, namely the method of measurement, measuring system and measuring procedures detailed research, and this should be possible to draw the measurement principle of the system or measurement block diagram and flow chart of measurement. 
  2, some uncertainty sources may not be found from the above analysis, only through lab comparison between or adopt different measurement procedures to identify. 
  3, testing and calibration results, the uncertainty may come from: definition of measured not perfect; By measuring the definition of the method is not ideal; Sampling representativeness is not enough, that is, by measuring the sample is not representative of definition is measured; By the process of measuring the environmental impact of understanding is not comprehensive, or incomplete measurement and control of environmental conditions; The simulation instrument readings in human migration; Measuring instrument resolution or the resolution is not enough; Given the value of measurement standard or the standard material values are not allowed to be; Reference to data calculated constants and other parameters are not allowed to be; Measurement methods and measurement procedures approximation and assumption; On the surface looks exactly the same conditions, by measuring the change of the repeated observations. 
  4, in some test areas, especially chemical analysis of samples, not easy to identify and quantify the uncertainty sources. Measurement uncertainty is only related to the specific detection method. 
  That is in front of the operation automatic tapping machine commissioning and operating considerations of automatic tapping machine, operation of automatic tapping machine can refer to the above information. 
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