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  • China's robotics industry is developing rapidly

       China from the 1970s began to develop the robot, after 40 years of development, the main robot products have achieved production, industrial robot manufacturers are beginning to take shape. According to the Chinese Robot Industry Association statistics, in 2014, China's industrial robot sales amounted to 56,000 units in 2013 had surpassed Japan to become the world's largest producer of robots. From the application type of view, in 2013, handling robots become the largest domestic sales of robots, came in second place is the welding robot, equipped with robots also show rapid developmen...


    Tags:  robot products  robotics industry  industrial robots 

  • Domestic industrial robot manufacturers competitive advantage: integrated layout

            Industrial robot based on ontology is motion control of an integrated, robots are secondary integrated production line. Integration of the layout of the domestic industrial robot manufacturers more competitive advantage. From the perspective of product standardization, standardization of motion control system components, high levels of industrial robot ontology.Motion control system is mainly composed of motion controller, actuator, such as servo system and transmission mechanism (toothed belt or reducer), such as robot technology is based on motion control. Motion control ...


    Tags:  industrial robot  industrial robot manufacturers 

  • Machines replace humans: release upgrade new signal

       "Recruitment difficulties" lament still ears, the "Machines replace humans" is now here. Labor costs continue to rise rapidly, while the workingage population began to decline, the demographic dividend is gradually disappearing, "machine Substitution" With the market. Deeper background, promotion and application of industrial robots as the representative of intelligent manufacturing technology, to reduce production costs while also significantly increase productivity and achieve higher throughput and improve product quality, help manufacturing transition from low ...


    Tags:  Machines replace humans 

  • China became the world's largest industrial robots consumer market

        July 7, according to media reports, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market, sales of 56000 units in 2014. In addition, the number of industrial robots in China in 2016 to install the top of the world. Industry transformation, the density of robot, such factors as the young people's attitude towards employment is the main reason for the change.According to the international federation of robotics, estimates that global industrial robot sales of about 225000 units in 2014, up 27% from 2013. Industrial robot sales in all major markets around the world, includin...


    Tags:  industrial robots 

  • Sales of industrial robots increased 54%

       Faced with rising labor costs artificially, industrial robots increasingly be relied on enterprises, but also to become the next star of a highly promising industry. International Federation of Robotics (IFR), said 2014 global sales of industrial robots grew by 27%, among which China's growth Effort most vigorous, up to 54%.By the automotive and electronics industries, particularly China and South Korea led the industry needs, in 2014 global sales of industrial robots grew by 27%, with annual sales of approximately $ 9.5 billion. International Robot Association, said 2014 global sales of i...


    Tags:  industry needs industrial robot 

  • Chinese become the biggest demand of industrial robot

        International Robot Association headquarters is located in Frankfurt of Germany 23 released the latest survey report industry says, 2014 global regions of industrial robot sales demand growth rate in Asia ranked, top the list, with 54% of the growth in China as the largest demand of industrial robot.The association said, the Chinese market in 2014 the total sales of industrial robot 56000, in which the local supplier's sales volume is 16000, the other from Switzerland ABB group, KUKA Germany companies overseas suppliers.The report points out, 2014 industrial robot with annual sales o...


    Tags:  industrial robot  robot sales  Chinese become the biggest demand of industrial robot 

  • China will expand the key position of robot application in 2015

       Recently,  the Ministry issued the "2015 raw material industry transition development points of the work".According to the main points of the work, in the robot industry need to expand the key position of robot application. In the health hazards and dangerous working environment, repeated heavy labor, intelligent sampling analysis of a group of professional post promotion robot.Points also referred to strengthen cooperation with rare earth enterprise application enterprise, solve the bottleneck restricting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, sup...


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