Cutting power head

Cutting power head is dedicated to machining, using their own electric or pneumatic power spinning spindle power plant, is the main functional components of machining automation. Cutting power head is suitable for large, medium batch parts efficient machining or rapid machining of special parts.

Cutting power head according to the function is divided into: drilling power head, power head, milling power head, boring head, reaming force first.
Cutting power head spindle taper hole or directly with matching tool rod clamping tool fixture. Spindle rotation accuracy is higher, the pneumatic or electric power to achieve the rotation of the spindle, with the function of feed, realizing fast forward, into, fast rewind or axial feed movement, more complex shape is compact, easy to install, easy to assemble into machining special machine tools and automatic production line.
Machinery manufacturing industry developed mainly gathered in the coastal region of Zhejiang province. Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Is located in the manufacturing industry developed new city of taizhou in Zhejiang province. The purros production drilling power head, drilling power head, which can realize high ratio of performance and high precision automatic feed power head.
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