Chinese become the biggest demand of industrial robot


International Robot Association headquarters is located in Frankfurt of Germany 23 released the latest survey report industry says, 2014 global regions of industrial robot sales demand growth rate in Asia ranked, top the list, with 54% of the growth in China as the largest demand of industrial robot.

The association said, the Chinese market in 2014 the total sales of industrial robot 56000, in which the local supplier’s sales volume is 16000, the other from Switzerland ABB group, KUKA Germany companies overseas suppliers.

The report points out, 2014 industrial robot with annual sales of about $5900000000. Sales of about 225000 units, than the 27% growth in 2013. The global and regional sales have increased, of which Asia sales accounted for almost 2/3. The report points out, the platoon is in China after last year is Korea, Japan, America and Germany, the five big market sales accounted for the total global sales of 75% industrial robot.