Application and advantage of pneumatic press

Application and advantage of pneumatic press

At present, in the field of all kinds of pipes and plates punching, most used electric punch to complete, but electric punch noise is big and environment pollution, and its complex structure part make it has high cost, difficult maintenance and high maintenance cost etc. defects. So, pneumatic press gradually replaced the electric punch, because pneumatic press structure more simple, security is higher. Pneumatic press is the use of advanced photoelectric protection technology, can realize unmanned machining process, and greatly improves the work efficiency.

Pneumatic press in the electronic industry, jewelry processing, hardware and garment, shoes industry etc. has a wide range of applications; Can undertake of different material products thrusting, punching, bending, printing, perforating, pressure assembly, extruding, axis pressed in, riveting, combination, forming and so on.

Pneumatic press is used so widely, because it has many advantages. Such as: simple structure, easy maintenance; Light weight, easy to move; Easy to operate, high efficiency; Column foot and structure design, durable operation, long service life; Equipped with safety device to provide security for the improvement of the operation.


Application and advantage of pneumatic press

Application and advantage of pneumatic press

How to choose pneumatic press?

Pneumatic press, is a compressed air as power source, simple structure, easy operation and high working efficiency. No hydraulic system standby produced noise, power consumption to reduce the production cost can be saved.

Pneumatic press has a lot of kinds, respectively is PRNA, PRNB, PRNC, PRND series, oil pressure supercharge press machine has PRAC, PRAD series. Both of them exist some differences, reflected effect is also different. So, how to choose appropriate pneumatic press?

Pneumatic press to PRNA, PRNB, PRNC, PRND series maximum infliction pressure 1300T specifications as an example, the connection is respectively 250 mm, 300 mm, 300 mm, 280 mm. Cylinder size is 160 * 100 mm, but, because the maximum pressure value is different, cylinder specifications are different. Formulate adjustable stroke of cylinder is 50 mm, including different pressure value pneumatic press PRN series. Area of working bench respectively: 250 * 250 mm, 250 * 245 mm, 310 * 270 mm, 350 * 240 mm.

Oil pressure supercharge press machine PRAC, PRAD series of the maximum infliction pressure 10T specification as an example, area of working bench respectively 360 * 260 mm, 350 * 240 mm. Per minute roundtrip time (route 100 mm) respectively about for 20 / min, 25 / minutes. But, because the maximum infliction pressure value is different, there are a lot of specifications have differences.

To ensure that the pneumatic press can exert different pressure value, more and more manufacturers pneumatic press machine according to the maximum pressure is divided into different series, in order to satisfy various requirements. Because maximum exert pressure is different, pneumatic press working pressure, theory pressure, weight will be different. So, when choosing pneumatic press, first should realize what kind of effect you want to achieve, and then think about the price and after-sales service, but if the machine is bought very cheap, maintenance cost is high, it will have to consider.

Pneumatic technology

Pneumatic is to use impact effect or rotate effect generated air pressure make it rotating or work, it is compressed air as power source, driving mechanical completion scaling or rotation. Because it is to use air that has compressibility characteristic, breathing in compressed air storage, the air is like a spring with elasticity, and then use control element to control its direction, drive executive component rotate and scale. From the air how much air suction and will discharge how much into the atmosphere, won’t produce any chemical reaction, will not consume any ingredients of polluted air, otherwise gas viscosity is smaller than liquid viscosity, so flow speed is so fast, and very environmental protection.

Pneumatic device structure is simple, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance. Pneumatic technology working medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself is not to spend money. Exhaust processing is simple, does not pollute the environment, but electric energy consumption is larger, the energy conversion rate is very low, initial cost is lower, but use cost is higher. Full pneumatic control has the ability of fire prevention, explosion proof and moistureproof. Pneumatic device output force and the working speed adjustment is very easy. But not too high reliability, service life are greatly influenced by the air cleanliness and use frequency.

For example pneumatic press, is to use of high pressure gas from compressor, through pipeline transport compressed gas to electromagnetic valve, through the pedal switch to control the action of electromagnetic valve control cylinder work and return, so as to achieve the aim of punching.