What is drill chuck?

Drill chuck is blessing straight shank drill, proceed drilling a common fixture, mainly install on drilling machine spindle end, use three can all concentric move of jaw clamping drill bit or other tool holder. Drill can’t leave drill chuck, it is an important tool system of connected machine tool spindle and cutter. Because drill chuck quality makes a big difference for final processing result, so it is very important to choose what kind of drill chuck.

Drill chuck is made of drill jacket, elastic dial ring, connecting block, rear cover. In drill jacket, its axial positioning is to use the connection block to achieve, through the circumference of a circle to toggle jacks, under the influence of elastic dial ring internal thread axial moving, a precise automatic centering and clamping drilling rig, at work needs to be equipped with different drilling rigs (e.g., center drill, drill, reamer, tap, etc.) of the drill chuck, can loosen the set screw, turn the segment to the required location, fastening positioning screw, realize the drill chuck multistation move.

Drill chuck can be divided into handle tighten type, wrench type and self-tighten type, handle tighten type drill chuck and wrench type drill chuck clamp principle resemble, all through nut conical thread and clamping jaw column thread transmission to achieve clamp, and self-tighten type drill chuck clamp force root in connection and lead threaded rod screw thread pretensioner.

Cutting tool – drill heat treatment

Heat treatment is a metal material placed within the certain medium heat, heat preservation, cooling, by changing the material surface or internal microscopic structure, to control the performance of a metal hot working process.

Metal heat treatment is one of the important technologies in mechanical manufacturing, compared with other processing technology, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and the overall chemical composition of the work piece, but by changing the work piece internal microstructure, or change work piece surface chemical composition, gift or improve work piece using performance.

Take cutting tool – heat treatment for example, drill production process is: raw material – forging – heat treatment (annealing) – mechanical processing – heat treatment (quenching and tempering) – finishing (grinding). Drill raw material is high speed steel, because high speed steel with high intensity, good thermoplastic, strong commonality.

Drill (high speed steel) forge, its aim is not just change the shape and size of the steel, more important is through repeated upsetting swaging, broken carbide, improve carbide inhomogeneity make the steel chemical composition is more uniformity.

Drill (high speed steel) annealing, its purpose is to reduce the hardness, easy to machining, eliminate forging stress and is ready for subsequent mechanical processing, quenching organization.

Drill (high speed steel) quenching and tempering, right after correct quenching and tempering obtained its requested hardness, strength, hot hardness and wear resistance through, so quenching and tempering process decided on cutting tool using performance and life, is the key to the heat treatment.

Drill (high speed steel) tempering, quenching after high speed steel during tempering can produce obvious secondary hardening phenomenon, steel hardness and hot hardness have a direct impact.