Two months before the scale industrial profits fell 4.2%

Yesterday, the National Bureau of statistics released data show, the first two months of this year the national large-scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 745240000000 yuan, 4.2% year-on-year drop.

Specific to the main industry, two months before the automobile manufacturing industry net profit of 79.73 billion yuan, down 5.4% year on year. Electricity, heat production and supply industry net profit of 74.98 billion yuan, up 30.7% from a year earlier. Net profit the top two industry, oil processing and coking and nuclear fuel processing industry profits before the losses therefrom.


He ping, an analyst pointed out that the national bureau of statistics (NBS) industrial company two months ago, because oil prices have fallen sharply, oil and gas industry achieved a profit of RMB 15.18 billion, fell 45.33 billion yuan. In addition, by reason of product oil consumption tax increase, prices fell, the loss of 20.28 billion yuan, oil processing and coking and nuclear fuel processing industry and in the same period of last year profit of 8.27 billion yuan, equivalent to reduce profits of 28.55 billion yuan. Two industries combined to reduce profit is 73.88 billion yuan. He ping stressed that if deduct these two industries, industrial profits rose by 5.8%.

Two months before he ping also points out that though industrial profits fell, but compared with last year in December, the decline narrowed 3.8%, suggesting that profit decline in monthly increase since the fourth quarter of last year the trend has changed.