Supply drilling power head

As the needs of large-scale industrial production and the rapid development of science and technology, using special equipment assembled into modern high-speed lines and multifunctional and efficient combination machine tools, in many industries has become guarantee the accuracy of product, reduce the production cost, improve labor productivity, and one of the key measures of enterprise competitiveness.

Drilling power head is an important power of modular machine tool parts, their quality and performance quality directly affect the whole machine tool performance is good or bad, but in general, in the design of modular machine tool power head can only provide the main movement, its feed movement was associated with hydraulic or mechanical sliding table.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of drilling power head, drilling power head, tapping head, servo tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, bench drill, machinery, hydraulic damper, multi-axis device, power head jig, slide, etc. Products are exported to the americas, Australia and other countries and regions, favored by users of praise.

Taizhou drilling power head manufacturer

Taizhou in zhejiang province is located in central coastal region, has in zhejiang province is a prefecture level.Taizhou machinery industry has the machine more than 120 production enterprises, mainly distributed in jiaojiang, luqiao, huangyan, yuhuan, possessing, linhai, etc.

Drilling power head, drilling, tapping operations can also be equipped with multi-axis device, improve efficiency. Drilling power head, wind power base type, the spindle rotation by electricity, feed and control a compressed air pressure for price performance ratio is the most excellent drilling device, according to processing conditions can choose the most suitable model from rich model, base structure of high precision, high rigidity drilling device, spindle motor adopts high performance, high power motor, with a wide range of types of low speed to high speed.
The purros drilling power head type can be divided into: PR3P – 1, PR3P – 2, PR3P, PR5P, PR6P.Purros, according to different requirements, your product features, choosing the appropriate model, requirement of each parameter can also provide to us, we help you order is most suited to your head.