Automatic tapping machine tapping, should grasp what process points?

Abstract: In mechanical manufacturing process, we often use automatic tapping machine, it has the highest degree of automation, can produce high efficiency, saving labor costs and so on. In the process of industrial machinery development occupies a more and more important position.


  With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial development level also gradually tends to the fundamentals, automation. In mechanical manufacturing process, we often use automatic tapping machine, it has the highest degree of automation, at work, as long as the parts blank into the hopper can be automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping machine, automatic discharging, a worker can operate multiple devices at the same time, high production efficiency, can save labor costs significantly. Also save a large amount of manpower and material resources at the same time, it in our industrial machinery development occupies a more and more important position in the process. But when tapping tapping machine, we should especially pay attention to some small problem, so that you can help us to improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary trouble, the correct use of the corresponding skills, can help us get twice the result with half the effort, so that processing the product percent of pass is higher.
Then, tapping machine when tapping screw should pay attention to what? Let’s look at the below.
1, determines the specifications of the screw thread to read drawings indicate the screw thread tag, or through by simple screw thread testing, determining thread specifications.
2, automatic tapping machine when choosing screw taps, according to a thread specification and precision grade selects the screw taps, check taps cutting portion and the accuracy of the calibration section.
3, Choose hinge rod and clamp hinge bar has a variety of forms and specifications, according to characteristics of the screw hole position and screw taps specifications proceed selected.
4, the clamping and looking for workpiece according to the characteristics of the workpiece clamping method choice, and find as stipulated in the pattern of datum.
5, automatic tapping machine when processing thread bottom hole, according to the specification calculations or look-up table to determine the thread bottom hole, drilling and chamfering processing hole chamfer on both ends of the thread should be paid attention to in the hole.
6, tapping using screw taps set note the order used. Manual tapping screw top and vertical reference face, Pay attention to the effective length of the blind hole control detecting thread, according to the workpiece material selection of appropriate cutting fluid.