The classification and characteristics of Tapping Machine

According to the different driving power sources, Tapping Machine can be divided into Manual Tapping Machine, Pneumatic Tapping Machine, Electric Tapping Machine, Mechanical Tapping Machine and Hydraulic Tapping Machine, etc.; Among Pneumatic Tapping Machine is driven by compressed air, safe, fast and efficient is the advantage of it. It has a small gas pressure and gas, large output torque, and tapping on a variety of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials, and tapping on a variety of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials. The operation is simple and lightweight, completely without experience and strength.

According to different Tapping Machine spindle numbers, can be divided into Single Spindle Tapping Machine, Two Spindles Tapping Machine, Four Spindles Tapping Machine, Six Spindles Tapping Machine, Multiple Spindle Tapping Machine, etc;

According to the different kinds of machining part, can be divided into Mould Tapping Machine, Universal Tapping Machine, Hot Play Nut Tapping Machine, Flange Nut Tapping Machine, Round Nut Tapping Machine, Hex Nut Tapping Machine, Blind Hole Nut Tapping Machine, Anti-theft Nut Tapping Machine and other models;

According to Tapping Machine whether tapping drilling at the same time, can be divided into Drilling Tapping Machine, Reaming Tapping Machine, Dedicated Tapping Machine, Universal Movable Arm Tapping Machine, etc.;

According to the different tapping the degree of automation of machining process, can be divided into Fully Automatic Tapping Machine, Semi-automatic Tapping Machine, Manual Tapping Machine, CNC Tapping Machine, etc. Among Fully Automatic Tapping Machine the highest degree of automation, at woTapping Machinerk, as long as the parts blank into the hopper can be automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping, automatic discharging, a worker can operate multiple devices at the same time, high production efficiency, can greatly reduce labor costs.

Tapping Machine although are so many classifications, but they have many common characteristics.

1, repeat positioning rapid, cutting speed, high production efficiency;

2, safe torque clamp cylinder guarantee less tap damage;

3, hole, blind hole tap continuously, silk tooth precision;

4, the heavier artifacts without tooling, fixture;

5, simple operation, low working intensity.

Drilling Machine operating instruction, packaging storage and transportation

Drilling Machine operating instruction, packaging storage and transportation

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