The advantage of numerical control machine tool

More and more factories are using numerical control machine tool, even if the numerical control machine tool more expensive than traditional machine tool. Because in the present age, product rapid changes, market competition is intense, the lack of skilled workers, as well as the rising cost of paying, makes the numerical control machine tool instead of traditional machine tool position, because the numerical control machine tool can improve the production efficiency, guarantee the quality of the product. Of course, it also has other unique advantages.

1, reduce the time to prepare

Work in staff received figure before started to carry on the processing, the traditional machine tool many preparation work needs to be manually operation, such as the tool marking and positioning. In the numerical control machine tool, these things operate convenient and quickly, and accurately.

2, reduce operation steps and time

Due to the numerical control machine tool is automatic operation, required adjustment time also in decline, many steps are changed from the original manual to numerical control, reduce working intensity of the operators, and can take care of some operation of machine at the same time.

3, improve the design and machining flexibility

In traditional machine tool to process some complex curve or three dimensional work is very difficult, and therefore limits the freedom of design, but the numerical control machine tool can multi-axis turning at the same time, the most suitable for machining complex curve, and the machining accuracy can be controlled to improve, reduce the design constraints.

4, reduce human error

Numerical control machine tool is the automatic processing, can reduce the operator due to fatigue or emotion etc. human factors caused error, will greatly improve the quality of product, as long as the program is correct, cutting tool and machine can accurate processing.

5, extend cutter life

Numerical control machine tool for the spindle speed and feed rate are controlled by program, so the cutter can be used under the best speed and feed rate, and can keep the stable consistent cutting so that cutter less susceptible to wear, thus extend the life of the cutter.

Numerical control technology development

Numerical control technology, is using digital control method for a working process of the realization automatic control technology. It is usually controlled by the position, Angle and speed etc. mechanical quantity and mechanical energy flow concerned switch quantity.

In China, numerical control technology and equipment development have been attached great importance to and have made considerable progress. Such as numerical control machine tool, it well solves the complex, precision, small batch, many varieties of parts processing problems, represents modern machine tool control technology development direction, is a kind of typical electromechanical integration product.

Numerical control machine tool compared with the traditional machine tool, has the following features.

1, highly flexible

Machining part on numerical control machine tool, mainly depends on the processing procedure, it is different from ordinary machine tool, when replacement a lot of molds and fixtures, often don’t need to adjust machine tool. Therefore, numerical control machine is suitable for single piece and small batch product production, so as to shorten the production preparation cycle, save the cost of a large number process equipment.

2, machining accuracy is high

Numerical control machine tool fixed position accuracy is higher, so its processing precision is high.

3, processing quality is stable and reliable

Using the same numerical control machine tool, in the same processing condition, processing a batch of part, the processing of product consistency is good, quality is also very stable.

4, productivity is high

Numerical control machine tool can effectively reduce the processing time and auxiliary time of part, which can realize on a machine tool proceed multi-channel working procedure of continuous processing, reduce the semi-finished product turnaround time between processes, improves productivity.

5, improve working condition

Before the numerical control machine tool is adjusted, input program and starts, machine tool can automatically continuously for processing, until the end of processing. So the machine operator labour turning to intellectual work. Most importantly, for the operator, more clean and safe.