The relationship of the damper and closet door

Chest though beautiful is important, but practical is more important. Because chest cabinet door can be locked tightly determine to whether the moisture, dust, insects, etc. efficacy. Closet door easy to hit the side of the plate after spring back, leaving the small crack easily into cockroaches, spiders and other small animals, and want to avoid these problems, what should we do?

To solve the closet door on the ground not level off automatically backward slip leave gaps, eliminate the closet door in the process of using the impact problem such as the noise of the lateral plate, damper has played a big role. Damper is used can make the door gently shut down automatically, effectively relieve the door hit frame noise due to inertia effect, to ensure that the sliding door does not rebound after hit the side panel. If the damper is installed in the door, when opened the closet door, then as long as closet door touch damper, it will slowly on to the side panel, when the door from the side panel with 5 cm will slowly automatic with the edge of the charge, so you shut. Installing damper is effectively avoids the problem of rebound closet door doesn’t close tightly, and prevent the damage due to overexert when locked closet door closet.

Damper in interior door, large drawer, shower room sliding door etc. products have a wide range of applications. A qualified damper should have damping effect, easy installation, use stability, etc. standard. So that in use process can prevent the door frame deformation, glass broken, etc. safety issues.

Hydraulic Damper

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