The principle of gear tooth pitch type tapping machine

Tapping machine is a machine shell, end face, such as nuts, flange with different specifications of the hole or blind hole of the inner side of the hole of the parts work out internal threads, screws or tooth buckle mechanical processing equipment. Tapping machine is also called the tapping machine, thread tapping machine, tapping machine, automatic tapping machine, etc.

Tapping machine, drilling, reaming, tapping machine, tapping machine, etc. The highest degree of automation, automatic tapping machine, as long as the part blank into the hopper can be automatic feeder, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping, automatic discharging, a worker can operate multiple devices at the same time, high production efficiency, can save labor costs significantly.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The main production of various tapping machines, to introduce the principle of gear tooth pitch type tapping machines, gear tooth type tapping machines, rely on a shaft gear and shaft, gear, one revolution of the spindle feed down a ring teeth, return when the spindle inversion and return the original purros, this avoids drawing, the phenomenon of broken wires, and thread is very beautiful, the precision is high, the artifact will not be brought up, but the gear tooth type tapping machine can’t drill hole, only tapping.

Tapping machine a few big characteristics

Tapping machine is a machine tap processing of internal threads, it is the most widely used a kind of internal thread processing machine tool. Tapping machine for market, with its lightweight, flexible, efficient, and has the advantages of other similar equipment cannot be replaced, favored by the majority of users love.

The rapid development of numerical control system technology for nc machine tool technology progress. In order to meet the demand of the market, to achieve the modern manufacturing technology of numerical control technology is put forward higher request, at present, the development of numerical control technology and its equipment technical characteristics mainly embodied in the several aspects:
1, high speed, high efficiency, high speed machine tool to the direction of development, not only can greatly improve the machining efficiency, reduce processing costs, but also can improve the surface quality and machining precision of parts. Ultra-high speed machining technology for manufacturing high efficiency, high quality and low cost of production has extensive applicability.
2, high precision, from development to the ultra precision machining, precision machining is the world’s industrial powers is committed to the direction of development. Its precision from micron grade to sub-micron and nanometer level (& lt; 10 nm), and its increasingly wide range of application.
3, high reliability, with the development of numerical control machine tool network application, high reliability of nc machine tool manufacturers has become a nc system and the target of CNC machine tool manufacturers.
4, greening, metal-cutting machine tools in the 21st century must put environmental protection and energy saving as the important position, namely to realize green cutting process.
In short, the progress and development of CNC machine tool technology provides a good condition for the development of modern manufacturing, prompting manufacturing development in the direction of the high efficiency, high quality and full of human nature. Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. Main production all kinds of tapping machine, welcome calls, letters, come kind advice.

Desktop tapping machine operation process

Tapping machine to the market since, with its light, flexible, efficient, and has the advantages of other similar equipment cannot be replaced, favored by the majority of users love. It avoids the limitations of the lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping time, manpower, not easy to rotten teeth, and the tap is not easy to break, etc., its significant features of widely praised by users and USES.

Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The main production and sales of tapping machine are: servo tapping machine, tapping machine guide teeth, gear type tapping machine. The purros production of tapping machine is applicable to all machinery manufacturing industry, now mainland customers covers tools, mould (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, engineering machinery, automobile motorcycle parts, aviation engines, rolling stock, tobacco machinery and general machinery and other industries.
Machinery is in operation when there is a certain risk, the following purros to introduce the next desktop tapping machine several matters needing attention:
1, before operation, check whether the main lock bolt solid, power switch and circuit are in good condition. According to regulations in insurance products, the tapping operation is prohibited.
2, must be rules in place before operating injection of lubricating oil, grease, etc.
3, tapping, the workpiece and tool of tapping required must be neat and comfortable.
4, debugging, tapping machine tapping the tap size and depth to meet the requirements before starting work.
5, it is forbidden to wear gloves when operating, female employees, long hair must be pulled into the working cap.
6, tapping out of scrap iron scrap iron, etc., should be left open or slot hole for sundry, clean up at any time. Every 8-10 artifacts, tap on a lubricating oil.
7, self-checking artifacts often tooth grain quality. Do not check is not allowed, “getting to the end”.