Power head what are the characteristics and applications

 Abstract: The power head is widely used in all kinds of CNC machine tools. Because the power head has many kinds of attachments, adaptable and effective processing of very thin or very soft material and so on advantage.
  The power head is widely used in all kinds of CNC machine tools, such as CNC multi-axis drilling machine, automatic tapping machine, etc. But a lot of people the power heads principles, characteristics and applications are not very clear. The following PURROS take you to share together.
1, as the tool feed and rotation is carried out simultaneously, so very thin or very soft material can also be processed effectively.
2, spindle rotations by electricity, feed and control of the compressed air pressure on the performance of the price is the most excellent drilling device, according to the processing conditions can be from the rich models to select the most appropriate model.
3, stroke length, annex variety, can be easy to replace a single spindle tapping head with multi-axis tapping head, can simultaneously meet user needs small batch and mass production.
4, strong adaptability, can be easily adjusted processing thread diameter, pitch and itinerary.
5, continued response to the user is high-speed drilling, drilling power head and winds power base type.
6, base type structure high precision, high rigidity drilling device, spindle motor is adopted high performance, high power for motor, it has from low speed to high speed wide range type.
  Drilling tapping spindle head is the power unit, Can drill, tapping operations, but also can be equipped with multi-axis control, improve efficiency. Is a high accuracy requirement of product processing, production type product can match for automatic operation, such as: motorcycle parts, auto parts and other high demand and production of parts.