The role of radial drilling machine is no longer so simple

Abstract: Radial drilling machine role is not just for hole machining. In giving full play to its ease of operation, as well as a wide range of typical advantages; we can also extend other functions.
  Often, we think that radial drilling machine role is hole machining, and a wide range applicable to or batch production with a perforated hole machining of large parts. But as we better use of and reference to it’s and not just limited to this. In giving full play to its ease of operation, as well as a wide range of typical advantages; we how to extend other functions?
1, Will be clamp bit of auxiliary tool is fixed In radial drilling machine spindle, can be machined with larger volume of a part of the big macroporous face.
2, Making a manually can be used for linear feed motion shaft clamping device, fixed in radial drilling work bench, can be in shaft workpieces milling pin slots.
3, On the workpiece when machining large hole, such as the workpiece of large volume, complex shape, unsuitable for other machine tool processing, can make the boring bar into drilling machine spindle, after the installation as boring bar, can be processed. Such as on the radial drilling machine, boring column, rocker arm, spindle box should be clamped, prevent damage of in processing for spindle swing boring cutter.
4, In metal sheet or tubular arm machining larger holes, can in a radial drilling machine use a special tool for cutting. Cutting tools mount clip two cutters, it is the clamping force to balance a cutting knife, the stability is good. Efficiency can be doubled, before cutting, the workpiece to be machined hole centers, first drill a supporting shaft diameter and the same diameter hole, when cutting, support shaft inserted into the hole play a supportive role.
  The above is what we in the production of radial drilling machine and processing and utilization; it is through this some simple auxiliary behaviors. That makes us encounter some problems when processing very easy to solve. It can be said that now the role of radial drilling holes is not so simple!

In detail to introduce the types of drilling machine

Abstract: Drilling machine is essential for mechanical manufacturing and repair plant equipment. Drilling machine can accord to the use and structure is divided into vertical drilling machine, Radial drilling machine, Multi-axis drilling machine, etc.
Drilling machine refers primarily with a drill bit in a workpiece processing machining hole machine tool. Usually drill bit is rotating for main movement, the drill bit axial movement as the feed movement. Drilling machine is a simple structure, the processing precision is relatively low, can drill a hole, blind hole, replaces the special cutting tools, can enlarge, counter boring, reaming and tapping, etc processing.
Drilling machine according to the purpose and structure is mainly divided into the following categories.
(1) Bench drill machine: Can be placed on the working platform, spindle vertical arrangement of the small drilling machine.
(2) Vertical drilling machine: Spindle box and working platform placed in the stand column, spindle vertical arrangement of the drilling machine.
(3) Radial drilling machine: Rocker arm can be around the pillar rotary and lift, usually spindle box can move horizontally in rocker arm drilling machine. It is suitable for large and different orientations of hole machining.
(4) Milling drilling machine: Work table can be longitudinal and lateral moves. Drill axis vertical arrangement, able to milling drilling machine.
(5) Deep hole drilling machine: Use special deep hole drill, the workpiece rotation, the drilling of deep hole drilling machine.
(6) Flat end face center hole drilling machine: Cutting shaft end and the processing center drill center hole drilling machine.
(7) Horizontal drilling machine: Spindle horizontal arrangement, headstock vertically movable drilling machine.
(8) Multi-axis drilling machine: Vertical drilling machine, there is a plurality of available drill spindle, and can be adjusted flexibly.