What are the most important accessories of an oil pressure buffer?

Abstract: Oil pressure buffer used in different fields to play the role of shockproof and cushion, oil pressure buffer structure might appear to be simple, but its internal structure is more complex.


Oil pressure buffer is used in different fields have the effect of shockproof, buffer, individual oil pressure buffer is not large, but the internal structure is more complex, Oil pressure buffer structure is mainly divided into: ontology, piston, inner tube, oil pressure oil, spring, oil seal, bearing, axis, dust-proof sets, lock nut oil, check valve and so on accessories. Now more and more oil buffer brand is multifarious, but the basic composition and structure are all the same, composition of the main accessories.
So what is the oil pressure buffers is the core part?
Personally think the most core part is oil seals, shaft and spring. The good quality of oil seal, can wear resistance, no leakage, the good quality of axis, the force is big, not easy to distort, good spring, buffer return fast, fast, stable effect. Of course, the core should still stress rod, mainly depends on the stress rod to achieve the use of buffers in effect. The rest of the parts are cooperating axes work. So the oil-pressure buffer axis is generally using the fine steel, little bending fracture, unless oil pressure buffer models selected small and is beyond the scope of pressure.