The classification of mechanical industry

There is a wide variety of mechanical equipment. Mechanical equipment in operation, some parts even itself can be carried out various forms of mechanical motion. Mechanical equipment is made of driving device, speed device, transmission device, working device, brake device, protective device, lubricating system, cooling system and other parts.

Machinery industry‘s main products include the following categories:

1, agricultural machinery: agricultural machinery, farm construction machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, etc.

2, heavy mining machinery: metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, loading and unloading machinery, etc.

3, engineering machinery: excavating machinery, shoveling transport machinery, lifting machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc.

4, petrochemical general machinery: oil drilling machinery, oil refining machine, pump, valve, gas compressor, etc.

5, electrical machinery: power generation machinery, transformer, motor, high and low pressure switch, electric welding machine, etc.

6, machine tool: metal cutting machine tool, CNC machine tool, automatic machine tool, precision machine tool, forging machinery, casting machinery, etc.

7, instrumentation: automation instrument, electrical instrumentation, optical instrument, automotive instrumentation, electrical materials and equipment, camera, etc.

8, basic machinery: bearing, hydraulic part, sealing part, standard fastener, industrial chain, gear, mold, etc.

9, packaging machinery: filling machine, sealing machine, packaging machine, conveyor machine etc.

10, environmental protection machinery: water pollution preventive treatment equipment, air pollution preventive treatment equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, etc.

What is automatic instrument lathe?

Machine tool is machine makes machine, also known as mother machine or tool room machine. Generally it divided into lathe, boring machine, milling machine, planing machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, etc. Modern in the mechanical manufacturing has a lot of methods processing machinery parts: in addition to cutting, casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion, etc.

The lathe is mainly used turning tool for rotating work piece turning processing machine tool. On a lathe also can use drill, expanding drill, reamer, screw tap, screw die and knurling tool etc. process homologous.

Automatic instrument lathe is one kind of lathe, that is on the basis of the ordinary instrument lathe equipped with automatic feeding mechanism, pneumatic feed clamping mechanism, hydraulic system model control machine tool of hydraulic automatic feeding mechanism.

Automatic instrument lathe can realize part full automatic processing of simple process, one can control many platforms, Both saves manpower and material resources, and reduce the workers labor intensity, improves working condition. It can realize 24-hour ceaseless operation, greatly improving the work efficiency, very suitable for the work piece of the mass production.

Automatic instrument lathe can process excircle, inner circle, cutting, end face, cutting groove, kegeldrehen, drilling, reaming, tapping screw, milling, grinding etc. functions. Widely used for electrical equipment, fastening piece, automobile, motorcycle accessories, instrument, hardware electrical equipment, mechanical electrical products, valve, bearing ring, axle type etc. small parts, is the most ideal high efficiency equipment of hardware mechanical processing industry.

Operation milling power head what needs to be done before?

When use milling power head, what should notice? Milling power head operation has certain risk.
1, before operation checks the mechanical, instruments and tools, etc. in good condition.
2, machine tool insurance screws and pins must not loose.
3, the rotating part shall not put the tools, measuring tools or other objects.
4, check the oil level and oil standard should have sufficient amount of oil.
5, operating personnel should wear overalls and tighten cuffs, don’t wear gloves while working with long hair and hair should be set into the cap, it is forbidden to wear shorts, skirts, sandals or slippers.
6, machine tool exposed belt drive shaft, gear, pulley etc protective cover intact. Machine tool should be good grounding.
7, operating personnel may not leave work without authorization in the process of work, the fixture should be in good condition.
8, oil pressure system oil-way should be tight, smooth, oil pressure, oil mass and oil temperature should be kept within the specified range.
9, machine tools oil and debris on the ground around should be cleared in time.