Drilling Machine operating instruction, packaging storage and transportation

Drilling Machine operating instruction, packaging storage and transportation

Drilling Machine operating instruction

1. Before work must be full inspection each operator is normal, rocker rail with a fine cotton yarn wipe clean and press oil grades oiling.

2. After locked the rocker arm and spindle box various parts, can operate.

3. In the Rocker arm turning range, could not have obstacles.

4. Before drilling, Drilling Machine workbench, work piece, fixture and cutter must be checked.

5. Correct choose spindle speed, amount of feed, shall not be overloaded.

6. Beyond the workbench for drilling, work piece must be smooth.

7. When the machine in operation and automatic feed, do not tighten change in speed, if the variable speed spindle stop completely, only for to proceed.

8. Loading and unloading cutter and measurement work piece, must be conducted during the downtime, no work piece drilling directly with the hand, can not wear gloves operation.

9. At work found abnormal noise, must immediately stop and check troubleshooting.

Packaging storage and transportation

Drilling Machine with wooden case packing, the wooden case production manufacturer is in manufacturing wooden cases, according to the “frame wooden box”, “general technical conditions on the packing of mechanical and electrical products” and related standards. The above standard for packaging of material, structure, water content, etc made specific provision. When packing inspection, sampling and determination must also refer to the “wooden box packaging transportation of export goods inspection procedures”. PURROS Company packing is in strict accordance with the relevant provisions. For inter machine tool in the effective fixed and liner, and the processing do not paint surface rust moisture proof and rust proof processing, the rust proof is valid for two years. Machine tool products during storage should be take care of the storage, temporarily when in open air should be higher and sealed to prevent the rain and water immersion. Carton weight, water proof, keeps upright, put down gently etc. with logo should be complete, to ensure that the products transportation are in good condition, safety arrived in the destination.

Drilling Machine operating instruction, packaging storage and transportation

Drilling Machine operating instruction, packaging storage and transportation

When multi-axis machine and drilling machine at work with some things

Multi-axis machine widely used in the machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing. The number of the spindle and between the spindle distances can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time. Can work together with drilling machine, compared to single shaft drill, work piece machining accuracy high, fast efficiency, can effectively save manpower, material resources, the most important thing is that drilling machine automation greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators.

When multi-axis machine and drilling machine at work with some things:multi station combination machine tools

1, before use multi-axis machine check: chuck whether in good condition; Work surface whether parallel.

2, multi-axis machine starts steps: make the main motor running. According to the processing requirements can choose two operation methods are forward operation and reverse operation. Forward operation: will motor operation button to pull in the forward operation position, can make the motor forward operation drive drill movement; Reverse operation: will motor operation button to pull in the reverse operation position, can make the motor reverse operation rotation drive hand wheel operation.

3, multi-axis machine in use should notice: drill jig is not knocking, need wrench elastic fixation; Needing attention drill can’t drill to the platform or drilling fixture; When drilling need to decide a center first of work piece by drill location; Drilling machine speed adapt to drill bit size adjustment belt pulley do the adjustment; Drilled work piece is too small to need to use clamps to fixed, be sure not to use hand to do steady work.

4, after use multi-axis machine should note: after parking, will clean iron filings of the mesa and ground, tools homing, after being all dealing with good, may leaving work place.

5, multi-axis machine downtime steps: when every noon a rest, get off work or stop working that should make the drilling machine be stop state. Stop operation: the motor operation selected button to pull in the OFF position, make it stop, and cut off power supply.

What is drill chuck?

Drill chuck is blessing straight shank drill, proceed drilling a common fixture, mainly install on drilling machine spindle end, use three can all concentric move of jaw clamping drill bit or other tool holder. Drill can’t leave drill chuck, it is an important tool system of connected machine tool spindle and cutter. Because drill chuck quality makes a big difference for final processing result, so it is very important to choose what kind of drill chuck.

Drill chuck is made of drill jacket, elastic dial ring, connecting block, rear cover. In drill jacket, its axial positioning is to use the connection block to achieve, through the circumference of a circle to toggle jacks, under the influence of elastic dial ring internal thread axial moving, a precise automatic centering and clamping drilling rig, at work needs to be equipped with different drilling rigs (e.g., center drill, drill, reamer, tap, etc.) of the drill chuck, can loosen the set screw, turn the segment to the required location, fastening positioning screw, realize the drill chuck multistation move.

Drill chuck can be divided into handle tighten type, wrench type and self-tighten type, handle tighten type drill chuck and wrench type drill chuck clamp principle resemble, all through nut conical thread and clamping jaw column thread transmission to achieve clamp, and self-tighten type drill chuck clamp force root in connection and lead threaded rod screw thread pretensioner.

Mechanical equipment dangerous part

Mechanical equipment has a wide range, such as multi-axis machine, drilling machine, machine tool, etc. Mechanical equipment operation, some parts even itself can be carried out various forms of mechanical motion.

Mechanical equipment is made of actuating device, variable speed device, driving device, working device, brake device, protective device, lubricating system, cooling system and other parts.

But in these devices, there are some parts are quite dangerous.

1, bite to rotating part and tangent movement part. Such as power transmission belt and its pulley, chain and sprocket, rack and pinion etc.

2, rotating shaft. Including connector, dabber, chuck, screw, circular mandrel and rod, etc.

3, revolving concave block and hole. Contain a convex block or hole of the rotating part is dangerous, such as fan, cam, flywheel, etc.

4, bite to rotating part. Such as gear, rolling mill and mixing mill, etc.

5, rotating part and fixed part of occlusion. Such as spoked wheel or flywheel and the occlusion between machine tool lathe bed, rotary mixer and unprotected open shell mixing device, etc.

6, close type. Such as hammer Block of forging hammer, power press slide block, etc.

7, through type. Such as metal planer workbench and lathe bed, shear blade, etc.

8, unidirectional sliding. Such as band saw edge tooth, resinder abrasive particles, convex type movement etc.

9, rotating part and sliding part conversion. As some agencies on the surface of the flat printing machine, textile machine tool etc.

So appropriately make some protective measures, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and loss.