Numerical control lathe power head

CNC lathe power head is a relatively simple variable speed drive mechanism, form varied, basic principle is the motor drives a gear shifting mechanism, can realize the boring, milling, drilling, and other functions, can slide assembly, realize the straight line, can complete a simple processing.

Taizhou purros power head products are mainly used for drilling, tapping, boring, chamfering, milling, grinding and other processing type, for the most part can meet the processing needs of customers. Power head strong adaptability, can according to use tool model easily for the same model to adjust the different sizes of the cutting tool.
Numerical control lathe power head is widely used in marble, plastic, non-ferrous metal (metal, wood, black metal, iron and steel; Die casting, forging parts, stamping parts, rolling parts, stretching pieces; Sanitary equipment, pipe fittings, connectors, vehicle parts and other industries.
Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD. The production of various kinds of power head, production of power head can achieve cost-effective high precision automatic feed. Production of CNC lathes power head like received by customers.
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