What is the classification of cutter in machining?

Cutter is used for cutting work in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tool. Have hand cutter, but machine cutter is more. Cutter can be divided into metal cutting tool, woodworking tool, mining tool, etc., because the cutting material is different, so the term is also different.

Depend on the different cutter processing technology, can be divided into many kinds. Such as:

Processing every outer surface of the cutter, such as turning cutter, planing cutter, milling cutter, and file cutter;

Processing hole cutter, such as drill, reamer drill, boring cutter and reamer cutter, etc;

Processing thread cutter, such as screw tap, screw die, thread turning cutter and thread milling cutter, etc.;

Processing gear cutter, such as hob cutter, slotting cutter, gear shaving cutter and broach cutter etc.;

In addition, according to the cutting motion way and corresponding to the blade shape, cutter can be divided into three categories:

Common cutter, such as turning cutter, planing tool, milling cutter, boring cutter, drill, reamer drill, reamer and saw, etc.;

Forming cutter, such as forming turning cutter, forming planing tool, forming milling cutter, broach, conical reamer and all kinds of thread cutter, etc.; Because this kind of cutter blade has to be processed work piece cross section shape of the same or nearly the same.

Special cutter, such as shaper cutter, gear shaving cutter, bevel gear cutter and bevel gear milling cutter, etc. Mainly process some special artifacts, such as: gear, spline, etc.

And make this cutter’s material must have high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance, high heat resistance, impact toughness etc. characteristics. Such as high speed steel, cemented carbide, metal ceramics, polycrystalline diamond etc. are very applicable material.

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