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The Product introduction of the Pneumatic Press

.Take compressed air as power source, easy to operate.
.There is not noise and environmental pollution generated by hydraulic system in standby timed, power consumption can  be saved, and production costs can be reduced.
Multi-functional purposes is suitable for pressure,intl the bearings,punching,riveting,assembly,cutting,etc.
.The shut heighy can be adjusted according to the size of the product or the mold.
.Adjustable stroke cylinders,stroke can be customized.
.Output force is easily adjusted by adjusting air pressure,the required pressure can be gotten only by adjusting air pressure,it is simple and convenient.
.Safety design,comfortable operation,human-based consideration suitable for long-terni operatuion.
.If need to do quick digression during operation,quick exhaust valve is optional.
.Special requirements can accept custom-made.

Note for the Pneumatic Press

Safe operation of the machine adopts the simple circuit design, in line with the press of the safety specification, please contact for further the safety facilities of the company

Catalog contained in the output for the theoretical value, actual output of 80% of the output value is about theory, and to consider the pressure source of pressure value in plant size.

Required when using the space height, height of mould and artifacts should be considered.

Empty oil pressure booster cylinder bed is used, its not cans of filling amount to about 80% full, with special work moving oil cylinder oil (ISO VG 32).

Use 500000 or half a year later, please replace the hydraulic actuation oil if the oil pressure actuation has emulsifying phenomenon should be replaced.

Note 3 combination of drainage function is normal, if failed, then use manual way drainage or replace new products regularly.

Important: operation and maintenance

Speed control has a certain limit of pressure bed (20 ~ 25 times/min), before delivery has been transferred to the appropriate speed, for quick please contact this company.

Three combination of lubricating oil use ISO VG 32 or equivalent specification and proper adjustment of the oil lubricator.

When take over the Air pressure source, please use the pipe cleaning, removal of moisture, dust, etc.

Pneumatic pressure booster bed and bed adjustment of output can be adjusted by a pressure reducing valve in the three combination.

All the above machine control mode can be made according to customer requirements change.

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