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Advantages of servo Tapping Machine

1.The servo Tapping Machine supplemented fixture can achieve lateral tapping upside, under attack and irregular angles   tapping;
2.The servo Tapping Machine is easy to use and can be quick-change fixture to meet the different models;
3.The servo Tapping Machine has a  high degree of automation, greatly saves labor costs and improve production  efficiency;
4.The servo Tapping Machine structure design is reasonable, it (servo Tapping Machine)can be combined with the actual  needs of customers.

Tapping Machine – Category

According to the speed:

Ultra-high-speed tapping machine: Tapping Machine output speed over 3000rpm

High-speed tapping machine: Tapping Machine output speed at 1200-2000rpm

Plastic tapping machine: Tapping Machine output speed at 600-1200rpm

Low-speed tapping machine: Tapping Machine output speed less than 600rpm

According to the driver:

servo Tapping Machine :Drive power is controlled by servo motor and supporting private servers

Pneumatic tapping machine:Main driven by cylinder

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