Clean energy marriage Internet is the trend

 Clean energy marriage of the Internet is the trend, the world’s traditional energy, new energy use will usher in new opportunities.
      Global energy Internet will promote the transformation of energy development, so that the energy development to get rid of the resources, time and space constraints, to achieve clean energy efficient development, utilization, promote hydropower, wind, solar and other clean energy has become the dominant energy, let everyone enjoy adequate energy supply, for the economic and social development has continued strong power.
       Build global energy Internet, will give the people of all countries to bring development dividend. With the construction of the global energy Internet, energy production, conversion, transportation and consumption will be more efficient, more environmentally friendly and convenient. Global energy Internet focus on intelligent, automation, networking. Global energy Internet will bring many benefits. For example, electricity will be cheaper, the public will be more convenient to use electricity, will help improve the quality of life and consumption of people in all countries.
      The development of global energy Internet, not only has a profound impact on human production and life, but also will have a beneficial impact on the natural ecological environment. With the promotion of clean energy, the farmers can not burning straw, firewood or coal, for the destruction of the environment will become smaller, haze will become less, environmental quality will also be upgraded, which for people without a doubt is a good thing.
     Construction of the energy of the Internet is the key to the use of Internet technology in the field of energy, core or the establishment of a decentralization of the environment, allow enterprises to become the main, let the market play a role, let everyone play a role. The government also needs to further explore how to work with the community to solve the problem of the lack of talent, lack of technology, lack of funds, lack of experience in the field of clean energy internet

Michelin will close a number of tire factory

Recently, the world famous tire manufacturers Michelin announced, the company will reduce in Europe and India two market.
It is understood, Michelin will start European restructuring plan, prepared in the UK, Germany and Italy the closure of a factory, a move that would make the bear 2.8 billion euros ($3.08 billion) writedowns project; at the same time, Michelin will cancel the construction in India of earthmover tire factory plan, will make it bears writedowns spending 75 million euros.
Tire world network was informed that, due to the impact of the financial crisis, European market for tire demand decline, since August 1 this year, Michelin products has in the European market price, to offset the exchange rate brought by the increased costs of raw materials; and in the Indian market, Michelin is still in 4 years ago.

International oil prices fell on the 11th

Investors worried about an oversupply of crude oil market, international oil prices fell sharply on the 11th.
As of the date of closing, the New York Mercantile Exchange, December 2015 delivery of light sweet crude fell $ 1.28 to settle at $ 42.93 a barrel, down 2.9%. December 2015 delivery of London Brent crude oil futures fell $ 1.63 to settle at $ 45.81 a barrel, down 3.44%.
The US Energy Information Administration will be released on the 12th of crude oil last week data, US commercial crude oil inventories will continue to increase market expectations last week. The previous week, the US commercial crude oil inventories increased nationwide by 2.8 million barrels to 4.828 billion barrels. US crude oil inventories high oil prices pressure.
OPEC crude oil production accounts for about one-third of the world oil market, OPEC ministerial meeting in Vienna in June after the announcement, the maintenance of 30 million barrels of daily output unchanged. OPEC daily output of crude oil remains high. After oil prices fell sharply, the organization did not cut signs. OPEC members Iran also said the country plans to substantially increase oil production.

China’s robotics industry is developing rapidly

China from the 1970s began to develop the robot, after 40 years of development, the main robot products have achieved production, industrial robot manufacturers are beginning to take shape. According to the Chinese Robot Industry Association statistics, in 2014, China’s industrial robot sales amounted to 56,000 units in 2013 had surpassed Japan to become the world’s largest producer of robots. From the application type of view, in 2013, handling robots become the largest domestic sales of robots, came in second place is the welding robot, equipped with robots also show rapid development. International Federation of Robotics, said a report released in the future for a long period of time, China will continue the rapid growth of domestic demand robot, the annual growth of more than 25%, to 2017, sales in China will reach 10 million units robots, industrial robots China ownership will exceed 40 million units. In 2013, the Ministry issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting industrial robot development”, by 2020, must form a complete industrial system of industrial robots, high-end products, market share increased to 45%, the robot density (per thousand employees several robot) from the current less than 30 to 100 or more.



Although China has been rapid development of the robotics industry, but compared with developed countries, there is still a gap. Data show that the robot density of less than 30 from the average level is still lagging behind the world’s 62. Own brand products also can not meet the requirements of the various areas of national economic development. 2013, China’s own brand of industrial robots in the low-end coordinate robot, a plane-based multi-joint robot, the proportion of high-end six-axis robot in the world less than 6%, while foreign brands of multi-joint robot robot sales in China accounted for the proportion reached 62%.

What are the precautions for choosing a servo tapping head?

The servo tapping head is a high precision model specially designed for threading. AC servo motor is used to control the spindle speed and synchronous feed, and the zero time shift and commutation are realized, thus shortening the processing time and improving the processing efficiency of the equipment. More with the second origin function, can effectively improve the processing efficiency. But also the use of high-performance CNC system, can effectively ensure high-precision thread processing. With the development of industry, high efficiency, high precision, high-performance processing equipment to become the first choice, servo tapping head is also one of the users of the processing equipment. Below, PURROS machinery to give you share under the purchase of servo tapping head Note:

1, we should first know the need to process the size of the product thread, and then select the size of the thread according to the servo tapping machine, the unit mm

2, the need for processing the product of the thread depth is how much. The unit is mm

3, what is the material of the product, different hardness of the material is not the same choice of servo tapping machine models are not the same

4, the need to process the product is how much the pitch, pitch and imperial system of the points, the algorithm is not the same

5, the need for the speed of how much?

6, silk tapping material is what?

7, servo tapping machine installation direction of vertical, horizontal, universal, the need for the kind of device method

8, servo motor brand, need the kind of brand should also make it clear

The difference between adjustable and fixed multiple spindle heads

Multiple Spindle Products can be divided into the following categories:

Metalworking Style Heads – with Precision Collet Style Spindles. Our Collet Style Heads use standard ER type collets for high precision, reasonable cost and availability. Metalworking Multiple Spindle Heads are available in these configurations:
Adjustable Spindles – Adjustable Multi-Spindle Heads are suitable for equally spaced hole patterns only. They are best suited for low volume work where the requirements change from time to time. They may be adapted to almost any machine. Jump to our Selection of Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads for more information. All the spindles operate in the same rotation that is also reversible. Drilling, reaming, tapping and light milling are suitable operations.
Fixed Pattern Multiple Spindle Heads are for any irregular hole pattern. They are custom machined with short lead times. An addition advantage is their compact size weight and height compared to similar adjustable heads. Our Application Sheet may be used to send information to us about your application.
Offset Spindle (Fixed Pattern) Heads – Problem hole locations, as near an obstruction, may be drilled with our Offset Spindle Heads. The output spindle or spindles are not in the same line as the input of the head. This can move the drive mechanism enough away from the obstruction to solve your problem.