Constituent part of power head

Power head is made of main motion, feed motion and control device.

Main motion, power head main motion driven by three-phase asynchronous motor, spindle speed characteristic is good, power output is big and very suitable for multi-axis drilling and large aperture processing condition.

Feed motion, power head feed motion adopts hydraulic station or compressed air as power source. Because of pneumatic and hydraulic pressure drive have quick response, good environment adaptability, simple structure, small volume, etc. advantages, and long working life, convenient power source.

Control device, if the feed motion of power head used compressed air as power source, then by a pneumatic control device to control the feed motion. Its structure is compact, with functions of manual operation and remote control.

Power head as one of the important power parts in combination machine tool, has small volume, light weight, compact structure, wide practical surface, and the advantages of combination and changeful, can according to user needs to be combined into various forms of combination machine tool.

Unit Head

Unit Head

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