Mechanical equipment dangerous part

Mechanical equipment has a wide range, such as multi-axis machine, drilling machine, machine tool, etc. Mechanical equipment operation, some parts even itself can be carried out various forms of mechanical motion.

Mechanical equipment is made of actuating device, variable speed device, driving device, working device, brake device, protective device, lubricating system, cooling system and other parts.

But in these devices, there are some parts are quite dangerous.

1, bite to rotating part and tangent movement part. Such as power transmission belt and its pulley, chain and sprocket, rack and pinion etc.

2, rotating shaft. Including connector, dabber, chuck, screw, circular mandrel and rod, etc.

3, revolving concave block and hole. Contain a convex block or hole of the rotating part is dangerous, such as fan, cam, flywheel, etc.

4, bite to rotating part. Such as gear, rolling mill and mixing mill, etc.

5, rotating part and fixed part of occlusion. Such as spoked wheel or flywheel and the occlusion between machine tool lathe bed, rotary mixer and unprotected open shell mixing device, etc.

6, close type. Such as hammer Block of forging hammer, power press slide block, etc.

7, through type. Such as metal planer workbench and lathe bed, shear blade, etc.

8, unidirectional sliding. Such as band saw edge tooth, resinder abrasive particles, convex type movement etc.

9, rotating part and sliding part conversion. As some agencies on the surface of the flat printing machine, textile machine tool etc.

So appropriately make some protective measures, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and loss.

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