Power heads method of identifying good or bad quality

Abstract: Power head is machine tool specialist machine main parts, the production stability of the power head is the key, so the power head quality good or bad is very important.
  Identify power head quality good or bad standard is mainly from the following aspects:
  First, power head core shaft is most critical, keep rotating and reciprocating motion, but also by the force of the work, so must use good material, must strengthen the hard processing, otherwise quite easy to wear, causes the processing effect degradation, Power head jitter increases, and will not be able to process.
  Second, bearing portion, directly sets the core shaft periphery, when the core shaft reciprocating motion, also wants to rotate at the same time, bearings to withstand the pressure of work are also great, the quality is quite good.
  Third, moving parts, drilling head generally has cylinder, oil cylinder and screw, mainly is undertaking the core shaft reciprocates, and mainly is seal better.
  Fourth, shell, mainly production of compact structure, gap is too big, prone to error.
  Fifth, the good quality of the belt wheel, the effect will be relatively stable, not easy to swing, driving force is strong.
  Sixth, motor, of course the quality better, speed, and torque is better.
  Seventh, cutting tools, this is the loss is tasted; choose according to their own conditions.
  Power head is machine tool specialist machine main parts, power head production stability is the key, without installing the handle, power head accurate precision of the spindle is bent at the nuclear power head, power had generally in the 0.5 wire. So the knife handle has a great influence in the power head processing. A handle of the heat treatment, standard size, gripping capabilities have an impact on the workpiece. The wear degree also has the very big difference. So when choosing power head, at the same time also should pay attention to the knife handle of the choice.

Drill machine routine maintenance should be like?

Abstract: Drilling machine daily maintenance can’t only prolong its service life; also can increase the work efficiency and reduce its various faults occur.
  Daily maintenance of drilling machine can’t only prolong the service life and can also increase efficiency, reduce the various faults occur, the drilling machine daily maintenance should be what kind of? By PURROS tapping machine vendors would explain to you, as follows:
  Daily maintenance of drilling machine can be divided into two parts, respectively is the drilling machine work before and after work, in addition to this, every half a year in a drilling machine for regular maintenance. Daily maintenance of drilling machine can be carried out by the operator, but the daily maintenance must be professional maintenance staff.
  Drilling machine daily maintenance and repair of matters needing attention:
1. Drilling machine when not in use with oil seal saves, and also outside with a thin film seal.
2. Often should clean the drilling machine, no pollution and ensure its periphery.
3. If the drilling machine malfunctions, needs to be the cause of the problem and its damage to record.
  The daily maintenance of drilling machine is:
1. Drilling machine numerical control system maintenance.
2. Drilling machine pneumatic system maintenance.
3. Drilling machine screws and guides rail maintenance.
4. Drilling machine drives shaft maintenance.
5. Drilling machine cutting fluid supply maintenance.

What is the characteristic of a punch press forging?

Abstract: Punch press is the forging equipment, cold stamping machine tool, but forging characteristic a lot of people are not very clear, what are the characteristics of forging, specifically how to realize the forging?
As is known to all, punch press is the forging equipment, cold stamping machine tool, but forging characteristic a lot of people is not very clear, what are the characteristics of forging, specifically how to realize the forging? Here for your analysis:
The so-called forging is can change the mental organization, improve the metal properties. After hot forging ingot casting, original as-cast loose, porous, micro-crack etc compaction or welding; The original dendritic crystal were broken, make grain finer; At the same time, change the original carbide segregation and uneven distribution, uniform organization, thereby gaining internal dense, uniform and fine, good comprehensive performance, use reliable forgings. Forgings after hot forging deformation, metal are fibrous tissue; after the cold forging deformation, metal crystal was orderly.
Punch press forging is to make the metal plastic flow and work piece of desired shape. Metal plastic flow generated by external forces after the volume unchanged, and metal is always flowing to least resistance section. Production, often based on these rules control the workpiece shape, realizes the upsetting long pull, reaming, the bending, deep drawing etc deformation.

CNC drilling machine rules for safe operation

Abstract: CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other machining, especially for long -type stacked plates, rails, structural steel, tubular parts and other types of porous system when large parts of the drilling are preferred.


CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other machining. In the automotive, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, construction machinery industry, especially for long -type stacked plates, rails, structural steel, tubular parts and other types of porous system when large parts of the drilling are preferred.
The following PURROS to introduce the safe operation of CNC drilling machine:
1. Before work carefully check the grid voltage, oil pump, lubrication, oil mass is normal, check the pressure, cooling, tubing, cutting tool, jig is in good condition, and the regular maintenance of machine tools.
2. The machine electricity starts, to mechanical operation back to zero, then the test run for 5 minutes, confirm machinery, tools, fixtures, parts, CNC parameters ect are correct, then can start to work normally.
3. Seriously examine programming, parameter setting, action sequencing, tool interference, workpiece clamping, switch protection and other aspects are completely correct, in order to avoid circulation processing accident, damage to the cutter and related components. In strict accordance with operating procedures for trial cutting, to protect a work program after you have finished debugging.
4. The automatic cycle processing, protective sliding door should be closed, at the same time in the spindle rotation need manual operation, you must see to it that your body and clothes away from rotating and moving parts, so as to avoid clothing involved in accidents.
5. The spindle or library loaded knife knife tower operation must be done in the mechanical movement to stop state, and pay attention to and the collaboration between the coordination, so as to avoid an accident. In hand explorers knife or automatic tool change, pay attention to the knife tower, knife library, the installation position of mechanical arm rotation and cutting tools, and to stay away from the head cutter turning parts of the body, so as to avoid collision. For machining center machine tool, but also should pay attention to check the library knife sets, and cutting tools, the corresponding relationship between, in order to prevent the knife library knife, confusion in dao interference or processed into accidents.
6. When the workpiece clamping clip, in order to avoid artifacts flies cause accident, after completion of the clamping but should pay attention to adjusting the chuck spanner and other tools, lest the spindle rotation after throwing cause an accident.
7. Machine tool operator should be able to handle general alarm failure. If appear serious faults, shall promptly cut off power, to protect the site, timely reporting, and completes the record.
8. After work, machine tool slideway, workstations should be wiped clean, and fill out of logs.

How to use the combination machine tools

Abstract: Combination machine adopts different processing modes, can guarantee the quality of products, operator in the use of equipment, to grasp the specific methods of operation equipment.
  Combination machine tools in the process of production, adopt different processing method, as is often the case, the device can be used for processing box or special shape parts, can guarantee the quality of products. When using the equipment, the operator must be able to master the specific operation method of equipment.
  First, before the use of modular machine tool, the operator must be able to have certain knowledge of what is a modular machine tool, when really understand the purpose and structure of the device, in the later use, Will be able to maximize the value of the device played out, for the production of services. Combination machine tool is based on common components; its production efficiency is very high, several times higher than other general machine tool production efficiency.
  Second, in the process of using a combination of machine tool, when machining parts, workpieces are generally not spinning, operators need to be aware of is the rotation of the cutting tool movement, and the relative feed movement between the tool and the workpiece. At the same time, in production, should pay attention to a number of processing needed parts. Structure and process are very similar to those of the parts can be placed on the same device for processing. Thus improve the utilization rate of the machine tool.
  Then, after using the machine tool, to timely maintenance of equipment Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of equipment; can also corresponding preparation for the next production.

Automatic tapping machine debugging method

In the operation of automatic tapping machine, we are first to debug machine, how to debug automatic tapping machine, here are some debugging methods, can identify the sources of uncertainty.
  1, the result of the test automatic tapping machines and calibration measurement uncertainty source identification should begin from the analysis of measurement process, namely the method of measurement, measuring system and measuring procedures detailed research, and this should be possible to draw the measurement principle of the system or measurement block diagram and flow chart of measurement.
  2, some uncertainty sources may not be found from the above analysis, only through lab comparison between or adopt different measurement procedures to identify.
  3, testing and calibration results, the uncertainty may come from: definition of measured not perfect; By measuring the definition of the method is not ideal; Sampling representativeness is not enough, that is, by measuring the sample is not representative of definition is measured; By the process of measuring the environmental impact of understanding is not comprehensive, or incomplete measurement and control of environmental conditions; The simulation instrument readings in human migration; Measuring instrument resolution or the resolution is not enough; Given the value of measurement standard or the standard material values are not allowed to be; Reference to data calculated constants and other parameters are not allowed to be; Measurement methods and measurement procedures approximation and assumption; On the surface looks exactly the same conditions, by measuring the change of the repeated observations.
  4, in some test areas, especially chemical analysis of samples, not easy to identify and quantify the uncertainty sources. Measurement uncertainty is only related to the specific detection method.
  That is in front of the operation automatic tapping machine commissioning and operating considerations of automatic tapping machine, operation of automatic tapping machine can refer to the above information.

Stationary multi-axis device

Abstract: Stationary multi-axis device is not high requirements of speed, requirements for speed synchronization. The fixed way has positioning screw fixed, clamping screws fixed, keyways type fixed, D word holes fixed, and expansion sleeve fixed.


1, positioning screw fixed: two positioning screws gaps, to fix axis conduct for lock, the traditional fixed way, because stationary multi-axis device the front end and axes contact, may cause the axis of the damage or remove the difficulties.
2, clamping screws fixed: Using the hex bolt tightening force, contraction of the slit, and take the shaft tightly clamped. This way fixation and removal easy, and will not cause damage to the axis, is a very common fixed way.
3, keyways type fixed: suitable for high torque transmission, to prevent the axial sliding, usually associated with positioning screw and clamping screws use.
4, D word holes fixed: usually, If the motor is D fonts, If the positioning screw can not under the condition of fixed, can coupling hole processing into corresponding to the size of the motor shaft type D hole, fit positioning screws fixed, do not have to worry about slip.
5, expansion sleeve fixed: through tight coupling end of the four positioning screw compression the swelling fixed account set way, suitable for the large torque of stepping motor and servo motor coupling fixed, such as expansion sets of diaphragm coupling, expansion sets plum coupling, expanding set of corrugated pipe couplings, etc.
Stationary multi-axis device principle: the speed demand is not high, can use the installation of the same size of each shaft pulley drive with a triangle; for synchronous speed requirements, use gear drive. Load is small, can be used with synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel.

Spring returns the damper

As we all know, the various friction and other barriers to free vibration attenuation effect, we call it a damping. And placed on the structural system of “special” component can provide motion resistance, energy depletion movement device, we become a damper.

  Damper or shock is a use of damping characteristics to slow down the mechanical vibration and kinetic energy consumption of unit. Commonly used in automobile and motorcycle suspension system, some bike have shock. Some skyscrapers in order to shock, will have the damper.
  There is a variety of applications: the spring damper, hydraulic damper, pulse dampers, rotary damper, air dampers and viscous dampers, etc.
  Pluto, PURROS hydraulic spring return damper under the simple introduction special features:
  1, compact structure, the installation direction.
  2, adopt the work does not need to add oil is fully closed structure, can maintain the long-term stability of the control function.
  3, caused by the rapid changes in the load control the speed of change is very small, can obtain stable feed speed.
  4, feeding speed can be adjusted by the speed adjusting knob simple.
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The working principle of return air damper

Damper in aerospace, aviation, military industry, machinery and other industries are widely used in decades of successful application of history. Two things in the U.S. in the 1980 s earthquake research center unit, such as a large number of experimental studies, published dozens of related papers. Damper or shock is a use of damping characteristics to slow down the mechanical vibration and kinetic energy consumption of unit. Commonly used in automobile and motorcycle suspension system, some bike have shock.

  Road machinery co., LTD. The production of various kinds of dampers, which R – type A hydraulic damper can have extended trip in certain models, also can use multi-purpose, the piston rod can be any stops on the trip, which can realize high efficient step-by-step feeding function.
  Many different kinds of damping, its working principle is roughly similar to, the following by the road, to introduce the working principle of the air damper under: air damper is a kind of use of air viscosity damping device. Different from general shock absorber is its damping medium is air, which can overcome the liquid viscous damping some faults. Because of its high compressibility of the air, so can bear larger displacement. The air holding in the flexible corrugated box, can provide damping in vertical and horizontal direction. Relative to the liquid, air viscosity changing with temperature is not big, therefore with stable performance. But in too high or too low temperatures, corrugated box changes the elasticity of rubber.
  The road, the company to undertake the production of all kinds of dampers, welcome to inquire, contact details please contact with the agent or the company (0576-89898883)

The advantages of wind power head type

  Taizhou purros machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production and sales of drilling power head, drilling power head, tapping head, servo tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, bench drill, machinery, hydraulic damper, multi-axis device, power head jig, slide, etc. Products are exported to the Americas. Australia and other countries and regions, favored by users of praise.
  Wind power head type is a kind of high efficient drilling device, there is no limit on the installation Angle, automatic feed a worker can control multiple location at the same time. Purros, the production of wind power head, is a high ratio of performance and high precision can be realized automatically feed power head.
  The purros to introduce the characteristics of the wind power head type:
  1, high precision played a drilling power head of core technology, thoroughly reinforced parts commonality, to critically reflect power head high precision characteristics.
  2, the structure of the axial line in high rigidity, a substantial increase in the overall rigidity, fully guarantee the stability of hole processing.
  3, high-performance spindle end has a unique double flexible sealing structure and easy installation, round body, can meet the requirements of diverse hole processing.
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