The performance of the power head uses and lubrication

 Abstract: The performance of the power head uses and lubrication, power head belongs to mechanical feed mainly to the horizontal work; also have vertical, the left and the right style.
  The performance of the power head uses and lubrication, power head belongs to mechanical feed mainly to the horizontal work; also have vertical, the left and the right style, adopt alloy steel bevel gear transmission, precision bearing torque low noise, the milling surface finish can achieve D6, motivation to choose energy-saving low speed high torque motor, a fine function of long service life; Milling the workpiece plane, T slot processing, drilling, boring homework. Can be used alone or can be multiple power head combined into a production line for the production. If installed in the planer, you can achieve the effect of milling plant.
  Will use the machine oil for lubrication, horizontal oil level should be added to the center of the oil hole, When placed on the left side of the of the oil level should be added to the thickness of the transmission case with 1/2, vertical placed at one third of the thickness of the oil level should be added to the transmission case. Gearbox mechanical oil should be replaced every six months once, spindle bearings with lithium grease after, one time per operation three months added.

Lubrication system of adjustable multi-axis drilling machine operation is of great importance

Abstract: Multi spindle drilling machine is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine equipment, so widely used in the porous parts of drilling and tapping processing machinery industry. Adjustable multi-axis drilling machine of the lubrication system is a safe operation adjustable multi-axis drilling machine is a crucial step.


  Multi-axis drilling machine is a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine equipment, so widely used in the porous parts of drilling and tapping processing machinery industry. Multi-axis drilling machine can be divided into two kinds, respectively is fixed multi-axis drilling machine and adjustable multi-axis drilling machine.
  The following is PURROS according to Adjustable multi-axis drilling machine lubrication system safe operation for analysis:
1. Before work must check whether the various parts of the drilling machine operator normally, with fines cotton to wipe clean and press brand lubrication oil filling.
2. Spud, multi-axis drilling machine adjustable workbench, artifacts, fixture, cutting tool, must find a positive, tighten.
3. The right to choose the spindle speed, feed quantity, shall not be overloaded.
4. Beyond the workbench for drilling, workpiece must be smooth.
5. Adjustable multi-axis drilling machine in the operation and the automatic feed, do not tighten the change in speed. If variable speed can only be the spindle is fully stopped before proceeding.
6. Loading and unloading of cutting tool and measuring the workpiece, which must be done in downtime, no workpiece drilling directly with the hand, cannot wear gloves operation.
7. Work found abnormal noise, must immediately stop drilling machine check troubleshooting.

The role of radial drilling machine is no longer so simple

Abstract: Radial drilling machine role is not just for hole machining. In giving full play to its ease of operation, as well as a wide range of typical advantages; we can also extend other functions.
  Often, we think that radial drilling machine role is hole machining, and a wide range applicable to or batch production with a perforated hole machining of large parts. But as we better use of and reference to it’s and not just limited to this. In giving full play to its ease of operation, as well as a wide range of typical advantages; we how to extend other functions?
1, Will be clamp bit of auxiliary tool is fixed In radial drilling machine spindle, can be machined with larger volume of a part of the big macroporous face.
2, Making a manually can be used for linear feed motion shaft clamping device, fixed in radial drilling work bench, can be in shaft workpieces milling pin slots.
3, On the workpiece when machining large hole, such as the workpiece of large volume, complex shape, unsuitable for other machine tool processing, can make the boring bar into drilling machine spindle, after the installation as boring bar, can be processed. Such as on the radial drilling machine, boring column, rocker arm, spindle box should be clamped, prevent damage of in processing for spindle swing boring cutter.
4, In metal sheet or tubular arm machining larger holes, can in a radial drilling machine use a special tool for cutting. Cutting tools mount clip two cutters, it is the clamping force to balance a cutting knife, the stability is good. Efficiency can be doubled, before cutting, the workpiece to be machined hole centers, first drill a supporting shaft diameter and the same diameter hole, when cutting, support shaft inserted into the hole play a supportive role.
  The above is what we in the production of radial drilling machine and processing and utilization; it is through this some simple auxiliary behaviors. That makes us encounter some problems when processing very easy to solve. It can be said that now the role of radial drilling holes is not so simple!

When tapping machine tapping of how to effectively remove the burr?

Abstract: Tapping machine used in production is more and more popular with the manufacturers, because the tapping machine tapping can improve the efficiency of production, saving labor costs and so on, so when tapping burr removal is the producers are concerned about problems.

  Tapping machine used in production is more and more popular with the manufacturers, because the tapping machine tapping can improve the efficiency of production, saving labor costs, can ensure the quality of products, but the tapping machine is in use process, tapping machine manufacturers should be produced when tapping how to remove the burr? How can more easily remove all producers are very concerned about the problem.
  Now this issue as a detail hopes to be able to help you better tapping.
1, before tapping machine work, bottom is best to first chamfer, so when in tapping screw mouth more easily into, more smoothly tapping is not easy for the generation of Burr.
2, there are products in the tapping, generally not to grinding and polishing, such as this work is also prone to cause burns can’t be smoothly removed.
3, near the ligament of the drill, mold repairs out zero rake angle and negative rake angle. It’s the Group of auger drill type? And try to choose matching tool material; reduce the friction coefficient is increased tool life is not so easy to produce burrs. 4, after the produce burr, you can also buy a tool called suddenly drill, Also called suddenly chamfer. Very easy to remove pneumatic tapping machine is left to the burr.
  Tapping machine manufacturers burrs generated when the work, above four methods can be avoided and removed, provide a reference for you!

The layout of the machine tool main drive system

Abstract: The layout of the machine tool main drive system can be divided into centralized drive system and separation of the transmission system. Combination of CNC machine tool main drive system consists of the following components: speed change mechanism, the main drive of the opening stop and braking device, arrangement and arrangement of gears.



  The layout of the machine tool main drive system can be divided into centralized drive system and separation of the transmission system. Centralized transmission layout is all the main transmission system of variable speed drive layout structure and main shaft component concentration in the same box body, Centralized transmission layout of the machine structure is compact, easy to realize the centralized control, with only a box, but the vibration and thermal deformation in the operation structure of transmission. Separate transmission layout is transmission parts and spindle assemblies were installed in two box body, in the middle of a belt or chain drive.
  CNC modular machine tool main transmission system regardless of the kind of layout method, consists of the following components:
1, speed change mechanism
  Variable speed way divided into step speeds change and stepless speed change. Stepless speed changing are institution has the following several kinds: exchange of various institutions this variable speed gear speed change is simple, compact structure, and is mainly used for mass production of automatic or semi-automatic machine, special machine tools and combination machine tools, etc.; Slip gear change mechanism this shift gear is widely used in general machine tool and part special machine tools; Clutch variable motion applied more in the clutch gear mechanisms have tooth clutch, gear clutch friction plate and the clutch.
2, the main drive of opening stop, braking device
  Open stop device is used to control the start and stop of spindle, open stop way has a direct drive, power motivation, and clutch, stop two kinds. When motor power is small, can be directly open power motivation. When motor power is larger, can use the clutch of spindle start and stop. Braking device in unloading workpieces, the size of the processed surface measurement, change the cutting tool and machine tool adjustment, often hope machine tools main motion performs a stop moving as soon as possible. So the main drive system must be installed in the brake device, general can adopt reverse connect brake motor, the brake belt brake, brake shoe brake.
3, arrangement and arrangement of gears
  Variable speed group of sliding gears in general layout on the main shaft, in order to avoid the same sliding gear set of two pairs of gears meshing at the same time, two fixed gear total width should be greater than the spacing sliding gear, which have a certain gap, if no special circumstances, should try to reduce gear axial alignment size. Slip gear axial position permutation usually have narrow and wide type two kinds, in order to reduce the size of the gearbox, both need to shorten the axial dimension, and to shorten the radial dimensions and between them are often interconnected, should consider global according to specific circumstances, so as to properly solve the problem of gear arrangement; Under the condition of strength to allow, as far as possible choose smaller teeth and gear and make slow down transmission ratio is more than a quarter. In this way, both to reduce the gap between the shaft of the variable speed group, and does not interfere with other variable group of the distance between the axis.

Power head what are the characteristics and applications

 Abstract: The power head is widely used in all kinds of CNC machine tools. Because the power head has many kinds of attachments, adaptable and effective processing of very thin or very soft material and so on advantage.
  The power head is widely used in all kinds of CNC machine tools, such as CNC multi-axis drilling machine, automatic tapping machine, etc. But a lot of people the power heads principles, characteristics and applications are not very clear. The following PURROS take you to share together.
1, as the tool feed and rotation is carried out simultaneously, so very thin or very soft material can also be processed effectively.
2, spindle rotations by electricity, feed and control of the compressed air pressure on the performance of the price is the most excellent drilling device, according to the processing conditions can be from the rich models to select the most appropriate model.
3, stroke length, annex variety, can be easy to replace a single spindle tapping head with multi-axis tapping head, can simultaneously meet user needs small batch and mass production.
4, strong adaptability, can be easily adjusted processing thread diameter, pitch and itinerary.
5, continued response to the user is high-speed drilling, drilling power head and winds power base type.
6, base type structure high precision, high rigidity drilling device, spindle motor is adopted high performance, high power for motor, it has from low speed to high speed wide range type.
  Drilling tapping spindle head is the power unit, Can drill, tapping operations, but also can be equipped with multi-axis control, improve efficiency. Is a high accuracy requirement of product processing, production type product can match for automatic operation, such as: motorcycle parts, auto parts and other high demand and production of parts.

Automatic tapping machine tapping, should grasp what process points?

Abstract: In mechanical manufacturing process, we often use automatic tapping machine, it has the highest degree of automation, can produce high efficiency, saving labor costs and so on. In the process of industrial machinery development occupies a more and more important position.


  With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial development level also gradually tends to the fundamentals, automation. In mechanical manufacturing process, we often use automatic tapping machine, it has the highest degree of automation, at work, as long as the parts blank into the hopper can be automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping machine, automatic discharging, a worker can operate multiple devices at the same time, high production efficiency, can save labor costs significantly. Also save a large amount of manpower and material resources at the same time, it in our industrial machinery development occupies a more and more important position in the process. But when tapping tapping machine, we should especially pay attention to some small problem, so that you can help us to improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary trouble, the correct use of the corresponding skills, can help us get twice the result with half the effort, so that processing the product percent of pass is higher.
Then, tapping machine when tapping screw should pay attention to what? Let’s look at the below.
1, determines the specifications of the screw thread to read drawings indicate the screw thread tag, or through by simple screw thread testing, determining thread specifications.
2, automatic tapping machine when choosing screw taps, according to a thread specification and precision grade selects the screw taps, check taps cutting portion and the accuracy of the calibration section.
3, Choose hinge rod and clamp hinge bar has a variety of forms and specifications, according to characteristics of the screw hole position and screw taps specifications proceed selected.
4, the clamping and looking for workpiece according to the characteristics of the workpiece clamping method choice, and find as stipulated in the pattern of datum.
5, automatic tapping machine when processing thread bottom hole, according to the specification calculations or look-up table to determine the thread bottom hole, drilling and chamfering processing hole chamfer on both ends of the thread should be paid attention to in the hole.
6, tapping using screw taps set note the order used. Manual tapping screw top and vertical reference face, Pay attention to the effective length of the blind hole control detecting thread, according to the workpiece material selection of appropriate cutting fluid.

What are the most important accessories of an oil pressure buffer?

Abstract: Oil pressure buffer used in different fields to play the role of shockproof and cushion, oil pressure buffer structure might appear to be simple, but its internal structure is more complex.


Oil pressure buffer is used in different fields have the effect of shockproof, buffer, individual oil pressure buffer is not large, but the internal structure is more complex, Oil pressure buffer structure is mainly divided into: ontology, piston, inner tube, oil pressure oil, spring, oil seal, bearing, axis, dust-proof sets, lock nut oil, check valve and so on accessories. Now more and more oil buffer brand is multifarious, but the basic composition and structure are all the same, composition of the main accessories.
So what is the oil pressure buffers is the core part?
Personally think the most core part is oil seals, shaft and spring. The good quality of oil seal, can wear resistance, no leakage, the good quality of axis, the force is big, not easy to distort, good spring, buffer return fast, fast, stable effect. Of course, the core should still stress rod, mainly depends on the stress rod to achieve the use of buffers in effect. The rest of the parts are cooperating axes work. So the oil-pressure buffer axis is generally using the fine steel, little bending fracture, unless oil pressure buffer models selected small and is beyond the scope of pressure.

In detail to introduce the types of drilling machine

Abstract: Drilling machine is essential for mechanical manufacturing and repair plant equipment. Drilling machine can accord to the use and structure is divided into vertical drilling machine, Radial drilling machine, Multi-axis drilling machine, etc.
Drilling machine refers primarily with a drill bit in a workpiece processing machining hole machine tool. Usually drill bit is rotating for main movement, the drill bit axial movement as the feed movement. Drilling machine is a simple structure, the processing precision is relatively low, can drill a hole, blind hole, replaces the special cutting tools, can enlarge, counter boring, reaming and tapping, etc processing.
Drilling machine according to the purpose and structure is mainly divided into the following categories.
(1) Bench drill machine: Can be placed on the working platform, spindle vertical arrangement of the small drilling machine.
(2) Vertical drilling machine: Spindle box and working platform placed in the stand column, spindle vertical arrangement of the drilling machine.
(3) Radial drilling machine: Rocker arm can be around the pillar rotary and lift, usually spindle box can move horizontally in rocker arm drilling machine. It is suitable for large and different orientations of hole machining.
(4) Milling drilling machine: Work table can be longitudinal and lateral moves. Drill axis vertical arrangement, able to milling drilling machine.
(5) Deep hole drilling machine: Use special deep hole drill, the workpiece rotation, the drilling of deep hole drilling machine.
(6) Flat end face center hole drilling machine: Cutting shaft end and the processing center drill center hole drilling machine.
(7) Horizontal drilling machine: Spindle horizontal arrangement, headstock vertically movable drilling machine.
(8) Multi-axis drilling machine: Vertical drilling machine, there is a plurality of available drill spindle, and can be adjusted flexibly.

Operation milling power head what needs to be done before?

When use milling power head, what should notice? Milling power head operation has certain risk.
1, before operation checks the mechanical, instruments and tools, etc. in good condition.
2, machine tool insurance screws and pins must not loose.
3, the rotating part shall not put the tools, measuring tools or other objects.
4, check the oil level and oil standard should have sufficient amount of oil.
5, operating personnel should wear overalls and tighten cuffs, don’t wear gloves while working with long hair and hair should be set into the cap, it is forbidden to wear shorts, skirts, sandals or slippers.
6, machine tool exposed belt drive shaft, gear, pulley etc protective cover intact. Machine tool should be good grounding.
7, operating personnel may not leave work without authorization in the process of work, the fixture should be in good condition.
8, oil pressure system oil-way should be tight, smooth, oil pressure, oil mass and oil temperature should be kept within the specified range.
9, machine tools oil and debris on the ground around should be cleared in time.