How to choose pneumatic press?

Pneumatic press, is a compressed air as power source, simple structure, easy operation and high working efficiency. No hydraulic system standby produced noise, power consumption to reduce the production cost can be saved.

Pneumatic press has a lot of kinds, respectively is PRNA, PRNB, PRNC, PRND series, oil pressure supercharge press machine has PRAC, PRAD series. Both of them exist some differences, reflected effect is also different. So, how to choose appropriate pneumatic press?

Pneumatic press to PRNA, PRNB, PRNC, PRND series maximum infliction pressure 1300T specifications as an example, the connection is respectively 250 mm, 300 mm, 300 mm, 280 mm. Cylinder size is 160 * 100 mm, but, because the maximum pressure value is different, cylinder specifications are different. Formulate adjustable stroke of cylinder is 50 mm, including different pressure value pneumatic press PRN series. Area of working bench respectively: 250 * 250 mm, 250 * 245 mm, 310 * 270 mm, 350 * 240 mm.

Oil pressure supercharge press machine PRAC, PRAD series of the maximum infliction pressure 10T specification as an example, area of working bench respectively 360 * 260 mm, 350 * 240 mm. Per minute roundtrip time (route 100 mm) respectively about for 20 / min, 25 / minutes. But, because the maximum infliction pressure value is different, there are a lot of specifications have differences.

To ensure that the pneumatic press can exert different pressure value, more and more manufacturers pneumatic press machine according to the maximum pressure is divided into different series, in order to satisfy various requirements. Because maximum exert pressure is different, pneumatic press working pressure, theory pressure, weight will be different. So, when choosing pneumatic press, first should realize what kind of effect you want to achieve, and then think about the price and after-sales service, but if the machine is bought very cheap, maintenance cost is high, it will have to consider.

What is automatic instrument lathe?

Machine tool is machine makes machine, also known as mother machine or tool room machine. Generally it divided into lathe, boring machine, milling machine, planing machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, etc. Modern in the mechanical manufacturing has a lot of methods processing machinery parts: in addition to cutting, casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion, etc.

The lathe is mainly used turning tool for rotating work piece turning processing machine tool. On a lathe also can use drill, expanding drill, reamer, screw tap, screw die and knurling tool etc. process homologous.

Automatic instrument lathe is one kind of lathe, that is on the basis of the ordinary instrument lathe equipped with automatic feeding mechanism, pneumatic feed clamping mechanism, hydraulic system model control machine tool of hydraulic automatic feeding mechanism.

Automatic instrument lathe can realize part full automatic processing of simple process, one can control many platforms, Both saves manpower and material resources, and reduce the workers labor intensity, improves working condition. It can realize 24-hour ceaseless operation, greatly improving the work efficiency, very suitable for the work piece of the mass production.

Automatic instrument lathe can process excircle, inner circle, cutting, end face, cutting groove, kegeldrehen, drilling, reaming, tapping screw, milling, grinding etc. functions. Widely used for electrical equipment, fastening piece, automobile, motorcycle accessories, instrument, hardware electrical equipment, mechanical electrical products, valve, bearing ring, axle type etc. small parts, is the most ideal high efficiency equipment of hardware mechanical processing industry.

The chip harmfulness

In metal cutting processing Produce scrap iron, chipping, serration iron sheet and because of the heat generated by the cutting clinkering scrap iron or united into amorphous metal object general terms is chip.

And all the cutting work, there are chips. The chip type, according to the work piece material and cutting are different. Brittle materials such as cast iron, brass chips are chopped into fragmentary; iron, steel and pure copper tempered ductile material chips into a continuous spiral strip.

Broken material chip is easy to invade the machine tool and fixture anyplace. When it stays in the fixture at the footing, fixture position is not straight. When it stays on the locations, work piece fixture position is not allowed. Above two kinds of circumstances, as long as there is a presence, will make the size of the finished product allowed, shape deformation. Once chip into screw hole, or rotation pin hole, will interfere with the rotation of the part, as a result, the tool wear faster, will shorten service life.

Continuous chip, its fragment harmfulness and the broken chip is the same. In addition, because the chip as a sharp blade, and contains heat, no matter what fixture or work piece, contact with it will be damaged, even fly out wounding. So chip should be clear in time, lest cause unnecessary damage.

Modern numerical control machine tool using the NC editor function, periodic changes in feeding, to achieve the purpose of forced chip breaker, often referred to as “program-controlled chip breaker”. This approach chip breaker reliability is high, but the cost is higher, due to the low cutting economics, so that only applies to other difficult to chip breaking process, for example, radial facing circuit quirk.

What is drill chuck?

Drill chuck is blessing straight shank drill, proceed drilling a common fixture, mainly install on drilling machine spindle end, use three can all concentric move of jaw clamping drill bit or other tool holder. Drill can’t leave drill chuck, it is an important tool system of connected machine tool spindle and cutter. Because drill chuck quality makes a big difference for final processing result, so it is very important to choose what kind of drill chuck.

Drill chuck is made of drill jacket, elastic dial ring, connecting block, rear cover. In drill jacket, its axial positioning is to use the connection block to achieve, through the circumference of a circle to toggle jacks, under the influence of elastic dial ring internal thread axial moving, a precise automatic centering and clamping drilling rig, at work needs to be equipped with different drilling rigs (e.g., center drill, drill, reamer, tap, etc.) of the drill chuck, can loosen the set screw, turn the segment to the required location, fastening positioning screw, realize the drill chuck multistation move.

Drill chuck can be divided into handle tighten type, wrench type and self-tighten type, handle tighten type drill chuck and wrench type drill chuck clamp principle resemble, all through nut conical thread and clamping jaw column thread transmission to achieve clamp, and self-tighten type drill chuck clamp force root in connection and lead threaded rod screw thread pretensioner.

Numerical control technology development

Numerical control technology, is using digital control method for a working process of the realization automatic control technology. It is usually controlled by the position, Angle and speed etc. mechanical quantity and mechanical energy flow concerned switch quantity.

In China, numerical control technology and equipment development have been attached great importance to and have made considerable progress. Such as numerical control machine tool, it well solves the complex, precision, small batch, many varieties of parts processing problems, represents modern machine tool control technology development direction, is a kind of typical electromechanical integration product.

Numerical control machine tool compared with the traditional machine tool, has the following features.

1, highly flexible

Machining part on numerical control machine tool, mainly depends on the processing procedure, it is different from ordinary machine tool, when replacement a lot of molds and fixtures, often don’t need to adjust machine tool. Therefore, numerical control machine is suitable for single piece and small batch product production, so as to shorten the production preparation cycle, save the cost of a large number process equipment.

2, machining accuracy is high

Numerical control machine tool fixed position accuracy is higher, so its processing precision is high.

3, processing quality is stable and reliable

Using the same numerical control machine tool, in the same processing condition, processing a batch of part, the processing of product consistency is good, quality is also very stable.

4, productivity is high

Numerical control machine tool can effectively reduce the processing time and auxiliary time of part, which can realize on a machine tool proceed multi-channel working procedure of continuous processing, reduce the semi-finished product turnaround time between processes, improves productivity.

5, improve working condition

Before the numerical control machine tool is adjusted, input program and starts, machine tool can automatically continuously for processing, until the end of processing. So the machine operator labour turning to intellectual work. Most importantly, for the operator, more clean and safe.

Mechanical equipment dangerous part

Mechanical equipment has a wide range, such as multi-axis machine, drilling machine, machine tool, etc. Mechanical equipment operation, some parts even itself can be carried out various forms of mechanical motion.

Mechanical equipment is made of actuating device, variable speed device, driving device, working device, brake device, protective device, lubricating system, cooling system and other parts.

But in these devices, there are some parts are quite dangerous.

1, bite to rotating part and tangent movement part. Such as power transmission belt and its pulley, chain and sprocket, rack and pinion etc.

2, rotating shaft. Including connector, dabber, chuck, screw, circular mandrel and rod, etc.

3, revolving concave block and hole. Contain a convex block or hole of the rotating part is dangerous, such as fan, cam, flywheel, etc.

4, bite to rotating part. Such as gear, rolling mill and mixing mill, etc.

5, rotating part and fixed part of occlusion. Such as spoked wheel or flywheel and the occlusion between machine tool lathe bed, rotary mixer and unprotected open shell mixing device, etc.

6, close type. Such as hammer Block of forging hammer, power press slide block, etc.

7, through type. Such as metal planer workbench and lathe bed, shear blade, etc.

8, unidirectional sliding. Such as band saw edge tooth, resinder abrasive particles, convex type movement etc.

9, rotating part and sliding part conversion. As some agencies on the surface of the flat printing machine, textile machine tool etc.

So appropriately make some protective measures, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and loss.

Pneumatic technology

Pneumatic is to use impact effect or rotate effect generated air pressure make it rotating or work, it is compressed air as power source, driving mechanical completion scaling or rotation. Because it is to use air that has compressibility characteristic, breathing in compressed air storage, the air is like a spring with elasticity, and then use control element to control its direction, drive executive component rotate and scale. From the air how much air suction and will discharge how much into the atmosphere, won’t produce any chemical reaction, will not consume any ingredients of polluted air, otherwise gas viscosity is smaller than liquid viscosity, so flow speed is so fast, and very environmental protection.

Pneumatic device structure is simple, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance. Pneumatic technology working medium is inexhaustible air, the air itself is not to spend money. Exhaust processing is simple, does not pollute the environment, but electric energy consumption is larger, the energy conversion rate is very low, initial cost is lower, but use cost is higher. Full pneumatic control has the ability of fire prevention, explosion proof and moistureproof. Pneumatic device output force and the working speed adjustment is very easy. But not too high reliability, service life are greatly influenced by the air cleanliness and use frequency.

For example pneumatic press, is to use of high pressure gas from compressor, through pipeline transport compressed gas to electromagnetic valve, through the pedal switch to control the action of electromagnetic valve control cylinder work and return, so as to achieve the aim of punching.

Cutting tool – drill heat treatment

Heat treatment is a metal material placed within the certain medium heat, heat preservation, cooling, by changing the material surface or internal microscopic structure, to control the performance of a metal hot working process.

Metal heat treatment is one of the important technologies in mechanical manufacturing, compared with other processing technology, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and the overall chemical composition of the work piece, but by changing the work piece internal microstructure, or change work piece surface chemical composition, gift or improve work piece using performance.

Take cutting tool – heat treatment for example, drill production process is: raw material – forging – heat treatment (annealing) – mechanical processing – heat treatment (quenching and tempering) – finishing (grinding). Drill raw material is high speed steel, because high speed steel with high intensity, good thermoplastic, strong commonality.

Drill (high speed steel) forge, its aim is not just change the shape and size of the steel, more important is through repeated upsetting swaging, broken carbide, improve carbide inhomogeneity make the steel chemical composition is more uniformity.

Drill (high speed steel) annealing, its purpose is to reduce the hardness, easy to machining, eliminate forging stress and is ready for subsequent mechanical processing, quenching organization.

Drill (high speed steel) quenching and tempering, right after correct quenching and tempering obtained its requested hardness, strength, hot hardness and wear resistance through, so quenching and tempering process decided on cutting tool using performance and life, is the key to the heat treatment.

Drill (high speed steel) tempering, quenching after high speed steel during tempering can produce obvious secondary hardening phenomenon, steel hardness and hot hardness have a direct impact.

Hydraulic damper working principle is introduced and its applications

Abstract: Hydraulic damper is a kind of hydraulic equipment, a response to speed sensitive vibration damping device, which is mainly used to prevent the pipe or equipment due to the earthquake, water hammer, steam hammer, wind load, the safety valve’s steam discharge and other do the damage caused by impact load.


Hydraulic damper is developed in the 70’s of the last century is a kind of rate responsive damping device, it with the help of a special structure of the valve control hydraulic cylinder piston movement with overhead system piping or equipment periodic load and impact load. It is mainly used to prevent the pipe or equipment due to the earthquake; water hammer, steam hammer, wind load, the safety valve’s steam discharge and other do the damage caused by impact load.


Hydraulic damper working process can use the ” hardness and softness ” to describe, in a pipe or equipment during normal thermal expansion can then move slowly, it’s almost no damping force, at this time the expression is “softness”; When load transient hydraulic damper valve is activated, at this time the produce reverse resistance to vibration and power of the same size, curb the large vibration of the pipeline or equipment of the reduced amplitude, so to protect the pipeline or equipment function, at this time the expression is ” hardness “.


Hydraulic damper is fully enclosed structure,  Main parts are made of stainless steel or carbon steel chrome plated, has the advantages of novel appearance and beautiful atmosphere, antiseptic performance is strong, high operating reliability, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance etc advantages, can be widely used in nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical pipelines, boiler and other critical equipment’s shock resistant, can effectively prevent because of the earthquake, water hammer, the relief valve exhaust pipe or equipment damage, improve power plant, chemical plant operation safety.

Multiple spindle drilling machines In the course of the precautions

Abstract: Multiple spindle drilling machines are commonly known as multi-axis machine, porous drill or multi-axis drilling machine. Multi-axis drilling machine in the process of work we should everywhere pay attention to details, so as to avoid failure.


  Multiple spindle drilling machines are commonly known as multi-axis machine, porous drill or multi-axis drilling machine. It’s a kind of applied in mechanical field drilling, tapping machine tool equipment. Multiple spindle drilling machines first appeared in Japan, after Taiwan was introduced into China. It has a history of 20 years. Actually it is mounted on the drilling, tapping machine cutter head, and is more than two shaft processing drilling or tapping parts at the same time, therefore calls multi-axis drilling machine.
Multiple spindle drilling machines should always pay attention to details in the work process:
First, Multiple spindle drilling machine working mesa adjustment:
1) Push the workbench can be left and right move.
2) Loosen the set screws to shake hand table up or down.
3) After the adjustment, the fixed screw fixed tightly.
Second, multiple spindle drilling machine drilling jig does not knock, need wrench elastic fixed or drill bit.
Three, anti running used for centering position and drill clamp ruled out.
Four, multiple spindle drilling machine speed adjustment in accordance with the drill bit size adjustment of pulley, the pulley on the aperture large speed slow.
Five, when drilling holes, drill bit cannot pay attention to the platform or fixture.
Six, homework, can’t wear gloves.
Seven, when drilling to give workpiece was the location of the drill a center point.
Eight, artifacts such as drill small need to fix clamp, do not use hand to work stable.
Nine, Multiple spindles drilling machine to drill the aperture are greater than 10mm, should be 2-3 times from small to the large hole.