Forging machinery risk factor and protective measure

Forging machinery refers to the forging forming and separation machinery equipment used in processing. Forging machinery is based on the pressure on the metal forming, is mainly used for metal forming, so also called metal forming machine tools. Forging is one of the methods of metal pressure processing, it is an important part in mechanical manufacturing. According to the forging process the metal material in the different state of temperature, can be divided into the hot forging, warm forging and cold forging.

In the forging workshop of main equipment is forging hammer, press machine, heating furnace, etc. Production workers often in vibration, noise, high temperature heat, smoke and other adverse work environment, therefore, forging machinery is equipped with safety protection device, in order to ensure equipment and personal safety. Should pay special attention to the safety and sanitation of the operator.

Forging machinery structure not only ensure the safety in operation of the equipment, but also can ensure the installation, disassembly and maintenance etc. each work safety; In addition, still must be convenient for adjustment and replacement of parts, easy to remove a check in the running to parts for inspection. In forging production personnel also injury accident more easily, the causes are mechanical injury, scald, electric injury, etc. Therefore, the operation personnel should strictly abide by the forging machinery safety technical requirements. And here are some protective measures to avoid danger happening.

1, the frame of forging machinery and highlight the part must not have sharp edges or burrs.

2, the leakage transmission device must have a shield, the shield need hinge is installed on the fixed parts of forging equipment.

3, forging machinery starter must be able to guarantee to rapidly switch equipment, and ensure the equipment running and the parking status of continuous and reliable.

4, in the high pressure steam pipeline must be equipped with safety valve and condensation tank, to eliminate water hammer phenomenon, reduce the sudden rise in pressure.

5, accumulator leads to hydraulic press head must be equipped with automatically closed pipe device when water consumption increased suddenly.

6, any type of accumulator should have safety valve. Safety valve must be by technical inspector seal, and check on a regular basis.

7, the new installation and after major repair of forging equipment, should according to the drawings and specifications of equipments for inspection and test.

8, operators should earnestly study forging equipment safety technology operating rules, strengthen equipment maintenance, maintenance, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Why tapping machine tapping efficiency so high?

Tapping machine is driven by compressed air, vane type pneumatic motor to operate. It used materials such as steel, iron, copper, plastic etc. tapping, so tapping is no longer a difficult task. Tapping machine with universal device, can implement vertical and horizontal universal tapping; Use straight shank type handle and single gun pull control, the entire machining process according to the switch, automatic feed, do not need to push tool auxiliary processing; Also have the same routine automatic high-speed reverse mechanism, on the way back just hold positive &negative switching at the same time, the chuck even tap automatic high-speed reverse screw hole. The structure of tapping machine is very simple, operate more easily. And its high reliability, long durability, tap is not easily broken, because of the protective torsion.

Before tapping, there is one thing that is to be done, that is to select the diameter of the bottom hole. Because when tapping, screw tap not only plays a part in cutting, but also to produce extrusion materials, so the top thread will highlight part, and the material plasticity is big, the squeeze highlight will be more; If thread crest and tap root don’t have enough space, can make the tap stuck. So before tapping the choice of bottom hole diameter should be greater than standard thread inner diameter, so that you can get the complete thread, also avoids the waste of materials, greatly improve the efficiency of the tapping machine tapping.

When multi-axis machine and drilling machine at work with some things

Multi-axis machine widely used in the machinery industry porous parts of drilling and tapping processing. The number of the spindle and between the spindle distances can be arbitrary adjustment, a feed processing several holes at the same time. Can work together with drilling machine, compared to single shaft drill, work piece machining accuracy high, fast efficiency, can effectively save manpower, material resources, the most important thing is that drilling machine automation greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators.

When multi-axis machine and drilling machine at work with some things:multi station combination machine tools

1, before use multi-axis machine check: chuck whether in good condition; Work surface whether parallel.

2, multi-axis machine starts steps: make the main motor running. According to the processing requirements can choose two operation methods are forward operation and reverse operation. Forward operation: will motor operation button to pull in the forward operation position, can make the motor forward operation drive drill movement; Reverse operation: will motor operation button to pull in the reverse operation position, can make the motor reverse operation rotation drive hand wheel operation.

3, multi-axis machine in use should notice: drill jig is not knocking, need wrench elastic fixation; Needing attention drill can’t drill to the platform or drilling fixture; When drilling need to decide a center first of work piece by drill location; Drilling machine speed adapt to drill bit size adjustment belt pulley do the adjustment; Drilled work piece is too small to need to use clamps to fixed, be sure not to use hand to do steady work.

4, after use multi-axis machine should note: after parking, will clean iron filings of the mesa and ground, tools homing, after being all dealing with good, may leaving work place.

5, multi-axis machine downtime steps: when every noon a rest, get off work or stop working that should make the drilling machine be stop state. Stop operation: the motor operation selected button to pull in the OFF position, make it stop, and cut off power supply.

Drilling hole machining work piece clamping method

All kinds of material, shape, size, specification of the artifacts require drilling, tapping and other operations processing. Different artifacts shape each are not identical, the location of the hole processing is also different, so before processing, according to the work piece shape and the location of drilling hole can adopt different methods to clamping and alignment, so there also are many kinds of the drilling hole machining work piece clamping methods.

1, if you want to drill rows of holes on large work piece, then you will direct clamp work piece on the workbench, adopt the follower bolt clamp work piece. The clamping position should be symmetrical reasonable, in order to prevent drilling bad workbench, drilling locations can be landed in the workbench’s T slot position, if the hole diameter is greater than the straight flute width, should between artifacts and artifact table mat into the parallel block.

2, if you want to drill uniform holes on work piece, then you will work piece clamp on the dividing head or rotary work table. Such as rectangle artifacts, can use four jaw chuck clamping, then should be clamped to the rotary workbench, the workbench clamping on the milling machine for processing as a whole. After processing a hole, can turn a uniform Angle, to drill next hole. Note: the diameter of the pore distribution round size should mark indicating the location of the hole in advance.

3, if you want to drill a through-hole on the smaller rectangle work piece, then you will adopt machine tool machinery parallel jaw clamping work piece, the work piece and the machinery parallel jaw the guide rail between surface mat into the parallel block, notice parallel block should equal altitude.

4, if you want to drill a radial hole in shaft parts of a cylinder, then the work piece is clamped in the v-shaped blocks of v-shaped slot. Long work piece use contour v-shaped block, platen and bolt installation should be reasonable, platen clamping point location land up v-shaped slot, work piece clamping note two v-shaped block of v-shaped groove surface should be in contact with the circumference surface of the work piece positioning, clamping operation should make two pieces of platen repeatedly clamping step by step.

In addition to the above common artifacts of drilling, there are some more complex drilling machine, such as drilling inclined faces, plane of semicircle holes and roulette etc. , drilling these artifacts can also be reference to the above clamping methods or according to the work piece actual situation to determine the clamping method.

Vibration plate structure classification and working principle

Vibration plate is a kind of automatic assembly or automatic processing machinery auxiliary conveying equipment. It can make all kinds of products is arranged one by one, with automatic assembly equipment product every parts will be assembled into complete a product, or cooperate with automatic processing mechanical finish machining of work piece.

Vibration plate composed of hopper, chassis, controller, linear feeder. Each component types are various.

Vibration plate hopper can be divided into cylindrical line hopper, wire hopper, spiral hopper, cone hopper, bisectrix hopper;

Vibration plate chassis can be divided into positive pull chassis, side pull chassis, piezoelectric chassis, precision chassis;

Vibration plate controller can be divided into common controller, polarization controller, frequency modulation controller, with soft start controller, digital frequency modulation controller;

And linear feeder is the role of feeder arrangement good product in a straight line movement way of conveying the vibration source.

Below vibration plate hopper there is a pulse electromagnet, can make the hopper vertical direction vibration, driven by leaning leaf spring do twist vibration hopper around its vertical axis. Parts inside the hopper, due to the vibration rising along a spiral path. In the process of rising through a series of orbital screening or attitude change, parts can be in accordance with the requirements of the assembly or processing in unity state into the assembly or processing location automatically. Vibration plate work purpose is through the vibration automatic will be ordered directional in alignment, accurately transmission to the next working procedure.

Flow valve and oil pressure power head relation

Flow valve is suitable for the need for flow control water system, especially in supply heat, air condition and other non – corrosive liquid medium flow control; Will flow valve installed in the water system, the operation before a regulation, can make the system flow automatic constant in value as required.

Flow valve can be according to design or actual requirement setting flow rate. It has many features, can decrease the water circulating system, lower system resistance; Reducing design effort quantity, reduce adjust net difficulty, etc.

And the function of the flow valve is in the import and export pressure difference of valve change, under the condition of use between valve core and valve throttling mouth area and the local resistance on flow generated by its adjusted, to control the speed of the actuators.

Power head is also called dynamic knife seat, is installed on the power knife tower, is driven by servo motor. This kind of knife seat normally used in car milling compound machine, there are a few can be used on the driving force of knife tower processing center.

Flow valve in the oil pressure power head is very important in the process, the use of oil pressure power head speed control completely dependent on the flow valve, when the oil pressure power head fast forward, contact with the work piece, the flow valve damping effect, make its slow down, have the effect of protection equipment processing.

The advantage of numerical control machine tool

More and more factories are using numerical control machine tool, even if the numerical control machine tool more expensive than traditional machine tool. Because in the present age, product rapid changes, market competition is intense, the lack of skilled workers, as well as the rising cost of paying, makes the numerical control machine tool instead of traditional machine tool position, because the numerical control machine tool can improve the production efficiency, guarantee the quality of the product. Of course, it also has other unique advantages.

1, reduce the time to prepare

Work in staff received figure before started to carry on the processing, the traditional machine tool many preparation work needs to be manually operation, such as the tool marking and positioning. In the numerical control machine tool, these things operate convenient and quickly, and accurately.

2, reduce operation steps and time

Due to the numerical control machine tool is automatic operation, required adjustment time also in decline, many steps are changed from the original manual to numerical control, reduce working intensity of the operators, and can take care of some operation of machine at the same time.

3, improve the design and machining flexibility

In traditional machine tool to process some complex curve or three dimensional work is very difficult, and therefore limits the freedom of design, but the numerical control machine tool can multi-axis turning at the same time, the most suitable for machining complex curve, and the machining accuracy can be controlled to improve, reduce the design constraints.

4, reduce human error

Numerical control machine tool is the automatic processing, can reduce the operator due to fatigue or emotion etc. human factors caused error, will greatly improve the quality of product, as long as the program is correct, cutting tool and machine can accurate processing.

5, extend cutter life

Numerical control machine tool for the spindle speed and feed rate are controlled by program, so the cutter can be used under the best speed and feed rate, and can keep the stable consistent cutting so that cutter less susceptible to wear, thus extend the life of the cutter.

Ultra-cold treatment technology

Ultra-cold treatment is after material heat treatment, the only can be used in tool, cutter and spare part processing technology, can stable material size precision, improve material wear-resisting property, and recovery material mechanical property.

Ultra-cold treatment on the material treatment not only limited material surface treatment, but also penetration in material internal organization, reflects the overall effect, especially for the regrinding of cutting tool, does not affect the organizational structure, can use repeatedly. Ultra-cold treatment technology not only can effectively reduce the work piece quenching stress, but also can increase the size of stable performance.

Because of these characteristics and advantages, ultra-cold treatment technology in precision stamping die, nanometer material, precision plastic cement mould, cutting tool, hobbing cutter, high speed steel material, cemented carbide material, aluminum alloy material, powder metallurgy mold and other industries widely used.

For example cemented carbide, in the process of ultra-cold treatment, can effectively adjust the internal stress of cemented carbide, reduce the tensile stress produced by the cobalt, enhance produce the resistance of micro crack, effectively reduce micro crack produce, so as to improve the fatigue strength resistance, toughness, in the meantime effectively reduce the carbide strip and wear-resisting performance is obviously improved.

What is the mechanical property of indicator?

In mechanical manufacturing, general machinery parts are in normal temperature, normal pressure and not used in strong corrosive medium, moreover in the process of using all the mechanical parts will be under different load. Mechanical property refers to the metal materials under the action of load resistance damage property. So the mechanical property is metal material commonly used indicator of a collection.

Metal material mechanical property is good or bad, determine its use scope and life. In design and material selection of parts, can in accordance with metal material mechanical property. Of course, plus load nature is different (such as stretch, compression, torsion, impact and cyclic load, etc.), the mechanical property of metal material requirements will also be different.

Often say a kind of metal mechanical property is not good, refers to it easy to fold, break, or if there’s not a good grind ductility. General pure metal mechanical strength will be weak alloy strength, such as the property of the steel is better than aluminum alloy. Commonly used mechanical property includes: strength, hardness, stiffness, elasticity, plasticity, fatigue strength, impact toughness and fracture toughness, etc.

Strength: metal material under external force, has resist plastic deformation and fracture ability.

Hardness: metal material under external force, has resist tougher thing press-in metal material ability.

Stiffness: metal material under stress force can resist to elastic deformation ability.

Elasticity: metal material under external force generated deformation, when the external force after remove to restore its original shape ability.

Plasticity: metal material under the action of external force, produce permanent deformation without causing damage ability.

Fatigue strength: metal material under the action of countless times repeated alternating load without causing the breakage biggest stress.

Impact toughness: metal material under the action of resist to impact load breakage ability.

Fracture toughness: used to reflect the material to resist crack instability expansion ability property indicator.

Mechanical member bar deformation form

Mechanical part under different external force, will produce different forms of deformation. Here mainly introduce mechanical member bar in processing produce deformation.

Stretch and compression, it is cause of equal size, opposite direction, action line and member bar doublication, shown as elongation or shortening the length of the member bar. In engineering often seen under tensile or compression member bar, such as the jack screw rod, when it jacking weight thing, under compression.

Shear, in engineering often seen construction member of under shearing action. This kind member bar common characteristic is: on the both sides of the component suffer equal size, in the opposite direction, active line apart is close and perpendicular to rod shaft external force function. Under the action of external force, member bar main deformation is: cross section between the two force as the interface, construction member two parts along the surface come up relative diastrophism, this kind construction member deformation form is called shear.

Torsion, it is caused of equal size, opposite direction, the acting surface is perpendicular to rod shaft two force couples. Show the member bar arbitrarily two intersecting surfaces occur around the axis of relative rotation. For example automobile drive shaft, motor and water turbine principal axis etc. are stand torsion member bar.

Bending, it is transverse force of perpendicular to member bar axis, or cause by role in containing rod shaft vertical plane a pair of equal size, opposite direction force couple. Show the center line of the bar from straight line to a curve. Engineering, bending member bar is one of the most frequently encountered situation. Such as crossbeam of girder bridge crane, all kinds of mandrel and turning tool etc. deformation, belong to bending deformation.

And some member bars at the same time occur several kinds of basic deformation, such as a lathe spindle work happens bending, torsion and compression three basic deformation; Drilling machine column at the same time happen stretching and bending two kinds of basic deformation. And this happened a variety of deformation condition is called combination deformation.